The Mercedes-Benz EQXX broke its record, covering 1,202 kilometers on a single charge

It has been a few weeks since Mercedes-Benz set a record with the Vision EQXX concept in the range of an electric car on a single charge on real roads. It was worth 1008 km and the Alps were on the route, so it was already clear then that the car could go even further … Read more

Enrages to charge a bunch of equipment? Found a way to get rid of extra adapters

Multifunctional wireless charging In 2022, the presence of several dozen gadgets in one person is not surprising. Until they came up with endless batteries, we get out like exercises. They will save a lot of time. This “multi-arm” charger can charge up to 9 devices at the same time. Eight of them – in the … Read more

Transfer window newspaper (06/23): Barça will return to the charge for Lewandowski, a Devil extends his contract

Like every summer, our transfer window journal is back! While waiting for our interactive chat which will animate the hottest hours of this transfer window, find the essential transfer window information every day in our live. If you missed yesterday’s news, you can view them here. The info thread: – 11:55 p.m .: Matz Sels … Read more

Foreign media: Argentine court will try 8 members of Maradona’s medical team for homicide

[Global Web Report]According to a Reuters report on the 23rd, a legal document released on the 22nd local time showed that after the legendary star Maradona died of a sudden myocardial infarction in November 2020 after an investigation, eight carers for Maradona Dona’s paramedics and psychologist will stand trial in an Argentine court for homicide … Read more

Colpatria, Banco Falabella, Caja Social and others that do not charge by debit card

Los banks in Colombia compete head-on by offering better ratesservices and elimination of charges in some of the processes they carry out on a daily basis. For many of its clients, they are concerned about factors such as handling fees, balance inquiries, and ATM withdrawals, among others. Given this, a list published this Tuesday by … Read more

Do restaurants make soft drinks? We know exactly how much they charge for them

The server performed on the basis of published beverage menus price comparison several soft drinks in selected gastronomic establishments across the country. As we wrotefor example, in the U Šumavy restaurant they planned to raise prices due to higher energy prices and supplier prices, both for food and drinks. Sylvio Spohrowner of Café Louvre … Read more

What Carolina Cruz and Andrea Guerrero charge for personalized greetings to fans

To this dynamic of sending personalized greetings through the web portal Comedians such as ‘La gorda Fabiola’, ‘Don Jediondo’, Álvaro Lemmon, among others, have also joined. Also, in the wide portfolio of options you can find recognized presenters such as Carlos Calero, Sara Uribe or Catherine Gomez, in addition to other celebrities such as … Read more

The new government team released Yang Runxiong in charge of sports policy

[Tai Road News]The State Council today (19date) announced7moon1Among the appointees of the new SAR government officials who took office today, Yang Runxiong, the current director of the Education Bureau, will take over the newly established Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and will be in charge of policies related to sports and culture. 59Yang Runxiong1992Joined … Read more

They made such a solar powered car that it lasts for 7 months on a single charge! Lightyear 0 introduced

As TURKEY prepares to enter the market with TOGG, the competition in the electric car market in the world is getting hotter. A European-based vehicle attracted all the attention. This vehicle lasts for 7 months on a single charge. The main fuel of the vehicle is solar energy.

From July, the state will charge tolls for another almost 400 kilometers of 1st class roads

May was the second strongest month since March to introduce tolls in 2007. The cash flow from carriers towards the state in the form of tolls will increase slightly again from July. The network of tolled sections will expand by another 373 kilometers of 1st class roads, so in total freight carriers will pay for … Read more