24-hour security guard assigned to “Charite” clinic, where Navalniy is placed – Abroad – News

German police have started guarding the “Charite” clinic in Berlin on a 24-hour basis, where Navalny, who was in a difficult condition, was transported by a special medical plane on Saturday. More police buses and about 10 law enforcement officers are on duty at the clinic, moving around the perimeter in groups of 2-5 people. … Read more

Exchange from animals to people: measles Virus is much older than thought

The measles emerged in the middle ages – so it was in the past. Now, researchers find out that the Virus is probably much older, and also the circumstances under which the people could put. The Coronavirus is from the show, how important it is to understand the history of pathogens. The highly contagious measles … Read more

Coronavirus can be transmitted before the first symptoms

VA few months after the first corona cases in Germany, scientists analyzed the contagion chains of this patient group in detail. The study, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, confirmed that infected people can be contagious before the first symptoms appear. In at least one of the 16 cases examined, an infected person passed on … Read more

How pandemics end – and what that could mean for the corona crisis

“When is the pandemic finally over?” – When people ask this question, they mostly long for the return to normal, for a way out of the corona crisis. In the past 1000 years, epidemics and pandemics have cost many lives worldwide. However, they always came to a standstill after some time. How this happens depends … Read more

Virologist Drosten warns of the risk of infection in schools

In more and more federal states, schools should gradually reopen. For virologist Christian Drosten, there is still a great risk – a study from France delivers worrying results. In the course of the relaxation of the coronavirus measures, the schools in some federal states are gradually being opened again. Daycare centers should also be accessible … Read more

Strokes in relatively young patients

A Berlin Stroke mobile, or Stemo for short. This special ambulance is used for quick first aid for stroke patients. Photo: dpa BerlinCovid-19 is primarily considered a lung disease. Because the viruses affect the respiratory tract. However, the more patients there are worldwide, the more complex the clinical picture of the disease becomes. The latest … Read more

Drosten to Corona: “Are about to completely lose the lead”

Germany Removal of restrictions Then, warns Drosten, Germany gambles away its “lead completely” As of: 5:46 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Corona expert Christian Drosten from the Charité Source: dpa-infocom GmbH Time to relax the corona restrictions? Not a good idea at all, warns virologist Christian Drosten. If the openings go wrong, he fears … Read more