RANKING: Tenet surpassed Charlatan in attendance

Tenet is an action film by director Christopher Nolan. In the dark world of international espionage, the hero fights to save humanity. He embarks on an extremely complicated mission, where the rules do not apply. The main roles were given to John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debická and Kenneth Branagh. Ivan Trojan Foto: Marlene […]

Josef Trojan spoke for the first time about the affair with Emma Smetana! “I’m desperate!”

Emma Smetana got into real trouble with her behavior. After the premiere of the movie The Charlatan, the DVTV presenter was abducted and spent a few hours in the company of Josef Trojan, thirteen years younger! From the photos taken by the daily Expres, it seemed that the age-inconsistent couple were more than close! However, […]

Jordan Haj finally spoke about his wife’s flight: “It’s an insidious intervention from the outside!”

“How has it affected us? That false external information can’t really affect reality,” Jordan Haj shocked in his words on CNN Prima News Showtime! Without thinking, he defended his partner Emmy Smetana and questioned even the existing photographs, saying that it was an insidious intervention against him and his family! “The moment it would affect […]

Starched Emma S., the largest European. Feeling of rebellion. A mockery of a presenter, enchanted by a young actor

The Expres.cz server analyzes Emmy Smetana’s love life nicely by a shovel. He has been with his partner Jordan Haj for twelve years. According to the server, this is a couple of brand ideal, they have a lot of common interests – including music and travel. However, they never married, even though they were engaged […]

REVIEW: The charlatan could have trusted more. But Ivan Trojan played a really strong character | Culture

PRAGUE Agnieszka Holland’s film The Charlatan, which had its world premiere at this year’s Berlinale and is now coming to theaters after a forced break, offers a remarkable portrait of a controversial personality with a slightly unnecessarily blown-up court plot. Theme for the film Charlatan is the work of Martin Šulc, a piglet of the […]

Breakup to fall? Sensual Emma did not do it for the first time …

The scandal in which they caught Emma Cream in arms Josef Trojan after the premiere of Charlatan, he properly stirred up the calm surface of the holiday lake of show business. This should not be the first sin of our charming presenter. She said something similar Jordan, with whom he has lived for twelve years […]