Charlize Theron, Irina Shayk, Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba: the famous, out for a walk with their children

Jessica Alba, shopping with her son Hayes, always very cool Photo: GROSBY GROUP – Source: LA NACION Naomi Watts, out for a walk in Soho with her children, Sasha and Kai Schreiber Photo: GROSBY GROUP – Source: LA NACION Bradley Cooper’s ex-wife Irina Shayk takes a walk with her daughter, Lea Photo: GROSBY GROUP – … Read more

Charlize Theron posts rare photo of her children for her birthday

For her 45th birthday, Charlize Theron posted a beautiful and rare family photo. The actress organized a virtual meeting on August 7, coronavirus obliges, in the company of her family. Confined to Los Angeles with her daughters, Jackson (8 years old) and August (5 years old), Charlize Theron poses all smiles in the middle of … Read more

Charlize Theron turns 45 and offers rare glimpse of her daughters

Charlize Theron celebrated her 45th birthday on Friday. On Instagram, she unveiled for the occasion a screenshot of the video conference she held with her daughters, her family and loved ones. Friday August 7, 2020, Charlize Theron blew out his 45 candles. Confined to her home in Los Angeles with her daughters Jackson (8) and … Read more

Charlize Theron shares video of her shaving for Mad Max | TV and Show

{{ post.post_image.alt }} visits News in Development We are gathering more background on this news, stay tuned for updates. Spoiler alert This article may contain key information about the plot of a book, series, or movie. Explicit Image Warning Watch out! The images in this article may hurt the sensitivity of some people. This article … Read more

Charlize Theron denounces sexism in film stunts: “It was so unfair”

Charlize Theron is “the badass woman in action movies” yet she had to work very hard to get there. “When I started my acting career, it was very important that I show that I could fight, and I could bring down a guy. “ Therein was all the difficulty for the actress. She was not … Read more

Charlize Theron Recalls ‘Unfair’ Treatment On ‘The Italian Job,’ Shades Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg might need to pencil in some extra gym time in his famously unhinged daily schedule if he wants to keep up with Charlize Theron. The “Old Guard” star has cemented herself as one of the foremost action stars around, but she long had to prove that she could run faster, kick harder and … Read more

What Netflix’s The Old Guard Newcomer KiKi Layne Was Terrified Of While Filming With Charlize Theron

Oh… true. This is an aspect of the job you might not even think about until you find yourself standing in front of Charlize Theron about to film a choreographed fight scene. As KiKi Layne told Variety, she was really excited and honored to share scenes with the Mad Max actress, but a lot of … Read more