Today’s chart: Gold at lightning speed towards 1,800 for this reason!

The rise of the American has slowed as China eased some of its coronavirus policies after widespread protests. Once the risks from China’s strict coronavirus lockdown receded, traders refocused on expectations about the possibility of a slower path to a hike after minutes from last Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting revealed that policymakers had agreed it … Read more

The Dark Web’s Best-Selling Products and Their Prices Perfectly Illustrated in This Chart

News JVTech The Dark Web’s Best-Selling Products and Their Prices Perfectly Illustrated in This Chart Published on 22/11/2022 at 07:35 As you know, the Dark Web is chock full of more or less strange and legal goods and services. This excellent graph illustrates very well the best-selling products on the Dark Web, as well as … Read more

Chart of the day: Wheat (11/17/2022) | news

The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine announced that the Black Sea Grain Export Agreement brokered by Turkey and the United Nations between Ukraine and Russia has been extended by 120 days. Without this extension, the agreement would not be respected. An official statement from the Ukrainian President on the extension is expected shortly. However, about … Read more

On the chart, “SABIC” shares recorded the lowest closing since May 2020

The logo of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation “SABIC” Shares of the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation declined “SABIC”included in the “Basic Materials” sector in the Saudi market, today’s session, with less than 1% at 83.90 riyals, recording the lowest closing since May 2020, amid trading of about 1.6 million shares. The stock had recorded its … Read more

“Singer KCM changes name and ‘chart sweep’ jackpot hit 10 million views” – The Herald Economics

[유튜브 채널 KCC TV] [헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]KCC, which made a ‘jackpot’ with an advertisement modeled on actor Seong Dong-il, has continued to hit the box office by hiring singer KCM (real name Kang Chang-mo) as an advertisement model. KCC announced on the 21st that the advertisement for ‘National Ballader KCC’, created with KCM at the forefront, … Read more

Venus moves! ‘Famous fortune teller’ reveals 5 zodiac signs, horoscope chart, lucky work, great money, check it out!

Venus moves! “Doctor Kai P. Patinee” reveals 5 zodiac signs, good luck immediately, lucky work, great money, wealth is not within reach, check it out! “Doctor Kai, P. Patinee”, a famous fortune teller revealed that Venus can move to an important position. “Kasetsarthibodi” results in the following 5 zodiac signs, the horoscope graph immediately 5 … Read more

Bitcoin and Ethereum, a modest recovery … Breaking through the bearish trend line on the time chart

[뉴욕 = 장도선 특파원] Bitcoin and Ethereum are showing modest recovery in the morning of the 26th (local time). Bitcoin and Ethereum, which showed a downward trend before the New York Stock Exchange opened, turned to an uptrend on the same day as the New York Stock Exchange found stability after the opening. On CoinMarketCap … Read more

The caress of a warm southern wind and other news on the “Radio Naba” music chart / Article

“DJ Ambulance” – “Tumaninē” At the very end of summer, the national industrialist group “DJ Krankenwagen” managed to release a summer song “Tumaninė”, which “acts on the body like a warm southern wind caress, but sometimes also waves bigger waves, which gives the listener a great opportunity to jump on a surfboard accompanied by music.” … Read more

Real estate listed on the stock exchange: The standardized chart of accounts

Following the disparities noted in the calculation of turnover and stocks The procedures for accounting for sales and inventories as well as their valuation rules differ from one promoter to another, which does not provide uniform accounting and financial information. Notice to Listed Real Estate Companies. A new chart of accounts comes into effect. This … Read more

Telecom Egypt and Orange chart the mobile course with new roaming deal

Telecom Egypt announced on Tuesday August 10 the signing of a commercial agreement with Orange Egypt for national roaming services. The five-year agreement, which runs until the end of 2027, will ensure that Telecom Egypt continues to provide high-quality voice and data mobile network coverage to its customers across the country. Additionally, the agreement represents … Read more