Bogota | Injured mother pursues the thief who robbed her and her daughter in SITP – Bogotá

With an injured hand, a 32-year-old woman chased the thief who had injured her in the middle of a robbery of her and her nine-year-old daughter. According to the victim’s family, the two women were the only passengers on a Provisional SITP bus that was moving through the streets of the town of Tunjuelito. However, … Read more

Chased by Investors, Demand for Indonesian SUN Translucent Rp. 106 Trillion

JAKARTA, – Indonesian Government Securities (SUN) are still being hunted by investors even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, Tuesday (11/8/2020), the government is auctioning SUN and was greeted by high investor demand. The total incoming demand for SUN reached Rp. 106 trillion. This amount is much higher than the indicative target … Read more

Chased by Millennials, Here Are 4 Facts About Bitcoin: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Currently, bitcoin is being hunted by millennial investors. Reportedly during the pandemic, not only gold was experiencing an increase in price, but also bitcoin. For information, bitcoin is a form of crypto currency. In addition, several foreign institutions have also used bitcoin as one of the types of payments they accept. Also read: … Read more

Tang Juan, Chinese Army Chased by the FBI Tried in US

loading… WASHINGTON – Tang Juan, 37, female scientist China previously chased by the FBI until finally arrested, has been presented in federal court United States of America (US) for the first time Monday local time. Department of Justice United States of Americasaid the woman was a member of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China … Read more

This is a row of stocks that have been released and chased by foreigners in a week

ILLUSTRATION. Mandiri Sekuritas employees observe online stock movements in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/15). JCI closed at 5,079.58 levels on Friday (17/7) ./pho KONTAN / Carolus Agus Waluyo / 15/07/2020. Reporter: Kenia Intan | Editor: Tendi Mahadi KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) closed at 5,079.58, aka weakened 0.37% on Friday (7/17). But in a … Read more