Chespirito off the air: And now, who can defend the fans?

Millions of viewers around the world woke up over the weekend without seeing for the first time, after 49 years, a chapter of El Chavo del 8, El Chapulín Colorado, the Chifladitos and other characters devised by the late Mexican actor and director Roberto Gómez Bolaños. “This is the number one program on humorous television,” […]

Stories: The shocking secret of “Chavo del 8 ″ that was kept for 50

The most remembered Spanish-speaking characters that have been passed down from generation to generation belong to the neighborhood of the Chavo del 8. Talking about them brings to mind anecdotes that occurred on Televisa, which showed as the main set three departments with different numbers, a barrel with endless mysteries and a wonderful cast that […]

Fame: El Chavo del 8 | Édgar Vivar, the remembered ‘Señor Barriga’, and a photo

Despite his long artistic career, Edgar Vivar will always be remembered by fans of ‘Chavo del 8‘ as ‘Mr. Belly‘, the neighborhood owner who got into more than one predicament when he visited to collect rent from his tenants. From time to time, the Internet surprises us with some of its unpublished photos or videos. […]