What did the actors of Chavo del 8 do before they were famous

Sunday, October 25, 2020 07:44 TRADES. Boxing, journalism, photography and even medicine were some of the forays of those who would later embody the characters of Chespirito’s brilliant creation. Since 1971 and for decades the Mexican television series El Chavo del 8 conquered the public in all Latin American countries. The actors soon achieved fame … Read more

The incredible story of “Chavo metalero” and the meme that changed his life forever

It all started with someone who saw him look like Chavo del 8, put his photo next to that of Chespirito, The unforgettable Roberto Gómez Bolaños, and the joke hit. The joke went viral and reached the eyes of the whole world, literal. The 55-year-old musician and producer Claudio Gonzalez, a Moreno rocker that everyone … Read more

El Chavo is not over, Roberto Gómez Fernández has other projects for the series

This weekend it was announced that the series would go off the air in multiple countries (Photo: File)It was on November 28, 2014 when the news was released that shocked the Latin American publicFor one of the most popular entertainment characters for decades had lost his life. Around 2:30 p.m., in the middle of the … Read more

The end of Chavo del Ocho? Disagreement took the world’s most successful television series off the air

El Chavo del Ocho said goodbye without further ado to world television after Televisa and the Gómez Fernández family failed to seal an agreement to continue broadcasting this successful program. Thus, 47 years after the creation of the series and six years after the death of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Internet and no channel in the … Read more

Chespirito: Florinda Meza makes a pronouncement on the air release of ‘El Chavo’ and ‘Chapulín Colorado’ – Cinema and Tv – Culture

This Saturday, in the afternoon, Roberto Gómez Fernández unveiled the worldwide air outlet of the programs ‘El Chavo del 8’, ‘El Chapulín Colorado’ and ‘Chespirito’, created by his father, the emblematic Roberto Gómez Bolaños. The announcement immediately provoked different reactions. One of them was that of the actress and producer Florinda Meza, widow of the … Read more

El chavo del 8: Florinda Meza doña florinda tells why she was not a friend of Ramón Valdés don ramon roberto gomez bolanos trends

El Chavo del 8 It continues to captivate young and old with the broadcast of its episodes that, despite being repeated, continue to bring smiles to viewers of different ages. From what was seen on the show, there was a good chemistry between the actors and this made work work easier. However, in real life … Read more

Were there ghosts in the neighborhood of Chavo del 8?

In this material that has been disseminated on digital platforms, se has clarified that all the content and the veracity of it remains with the public, since it is only fulfilled with showing inexplicable facts. In the merged scenes in these videos you can see how the curtains of the houses move repeatedly, shadows appear … Read more

Stories: The shocking secret of “Chavo del 8 ″ that was kept for 50

The most remembered Spanish-speaking characters that have been passed down from generation to generation belong to the neighborhood of the Chavo del 8. Talking about them brings to mind anecdotes that occurred on Televisa, which showed as the main set three departments with different numbers, a barrel with endless mysteries and a wonderful cast that … Read more