Student writes Chayanne’s song in his exam | viral video

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 05.05.2022 08:02:10 Little by little, there has been a return to face-to-face classes in some states of Mexico and although virtual classes left endless funny moments that will be remembered online for a long timeeverything seems to indicate that the same thing will happen in the face-to-face modality. On this … Read more

Chayanne makes a triumphant arrival on TikTok and fans can’t handle the emotion

Written in CELEBRITIES the 28/4/2022 · 22:13 hs Chayanne made its triumphant arrival on TikTok in the funniest way with a video that surprised fans. The Puerto Rican singer appeared on a campsite opening the door with a funny phrase. In the most sudden way, it is observed how the singer opens the door of … Read more