Scaled-down chipset duo could bring cheaper Ryzen motherboards

Since the launch of AM5, the platform has struggled with a relatively high entry-level price, where the motherboard accounts for a significant part of the price tag. When AMD first announced the news, motherboards with one were promised starting level of 125 USD, but no such price levels can be found on store shelves. A … Read more

Deer fast charging in the cold – but still cheaper than diesel and petrol

Many electric car owners have probably known the effect the cold has on the battery this winter. Consumption increases and the range becomes significantly shorter compared to the hot summer months. A cold battery also takes much longer to fast charge than a warm one, which leads to a higher price. ─ The price of … Read more

These were the two designs for the stage altar that were turned down (and which were cheaper)

29 jan, 20:42 The controversial altar where Pope Francis will celebrate mass in August during World Youth Day in Lisbon could have cost well under 4 million euros. TVI, from the same group as CNN Portugal, had access to the two architectural projects that were approved by the current president of the Sociedade de Reabilitação … Read more

Government has the ability to make life cheaper for people; the question is – will it use it?

The topic that the food VAT should be reduced pops up from time to time and then recedes again, as the arguments of businessmen meet with the resistance of the Ministry of Finance in protecting the state budget. At the moment, the new government and the Saeima, discussing the next year’s state budget project, have … Read more

Less itchy and more comfortable than a wig: headbands made with your own hair are a hit. “Is also cheaper” | Nina

Those affected by cancer, alopecia or severe hair loss often find refuge in a wig. But it sometimes doesn’t fit well, itches or looks unnatural. The Dutch Sylvia Holstijn found a solution for this: a headband with the customer’s own hair. “The hair looks exactly like the people handed it in themselves. It even smells … Read more

Toujust arrives in Montauban with prices 5 to 10% cheaper than elsewhere

the essential The new brand will be established in ten cities in the first half of 2023, including Montauban where the opening is planned between April and May. On site, 7,000 short circuit references will be offered. Products at the “right price”. This is the promise of Fabrice Gerber, founder of the Toujust brand, which … Read more

Readers noticed “cosmic” price differences: it is cheaper even to transport from Latvia with a courier

After inflation in Lithuania exceeded 20 percent. almost everything becomes more expensive. It is estimated that despite the general rise in prices, food products prices rose to 35 percent A family living in Klaipėda and currently renovating their home said they could not believe that the prices had risen even in such sectors as home … Read more

Three times in two years. It makes charging cars more expensive again, yet it’s cheaper than diesel

Pražská energetika announced an increase in the price of electricity for electric car chargers. E.On confirmed to the Aktuálně.cz editors that in this quarter they will also proceed with at least a slight increase in prices, ČEZ is evaluating the situation. Some prices will reach double compared to the beginning of last year, which means … Read more