Index – Economy – Fuel will be much cheaper from Wednesday

They wrote that with the drop in the international price of oil, the market price of gasoline per liter will drop by HUF 20 gross, and that of diesel by HUF 15. Together with this decrease, the average prices are expected to develop this way from Wednesday according to: 95 gasoline: HUF 671.9/liter diesel: … Read more

The diving price of “Century Empire 4” is gone, the price has rebounded but it is still cheaper than before | 4Gamers

Age of Empires IV from Microsoft Steam and Microsoft Store The store suddenly adjusted the price last Saturday, bringing the price of the standard version of the game to the lowest NTD 258 in the world. This situation is no longer there after the adjustment on the 9th. On August 6, Taiwan time, the price … Read more

“A round-trip ticket cheaper than Jeju”… This country attracts Korean tourists

Passengers looking at the arrival time of international flights written on the electronic board in the arrival hall of Incheon International Airport [이미지출처=연합뉴스] [아시아경제 황수미 기자] As the summer vacation season approaches in earnest, in Vietnam, Koreans appear to have emerged as the largest customer of the local tourism industry. According to the Vietnam National … Read more

Piaggio Presents the Coolest Vespa Helmet, Cheaper Prices

HALLOTERNATE.COM- PT Piaggio Indonesia offer a variety of colors latest helmet for vespa august 2022. New products offered PT Piaggio Indonesia has the latest vespa helmet design. The helmet is original Vespa a heritage series that has a design that complements the genuine helmet variant Vespa which has been there before with the distinctive color … Read more

The German minister wants to tax conventional cars so much that electric cars would be cheaper

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens), in addition to the recent announcement of a reduction in support for the purchase of an electric car, is coming up with another intervention in the free market – a climate tax on cars with an internal combustion engine. And to such an extent that it will make the … Read more

Promo JSM Alfamart August 5 2022, Biore Rp17,900, Use Gopay Cheaper, Extra Discount Rp10 Thousand

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Promo JSM Alfamart August 5, 2022Big Biore Rp. 17,900, using Gopay is cheaper, extra discount of Rp. 10 thousand. Don’t miss the JSM Alfamart Promo Promo today with various interesting promos. There are promos for cheap cooking oil, milk, shampoo, body wash and other interesting promos. Here is the catalog Promo JSM Alfamart … Read more

Good news for drivers. Gasoline and diesel will become cheaper, even though the Saudis “coughed up” Biden

Fuel in the Czech Republic is currently rapidly becoming cheaper. On Tuesday, a liter of gasoline was sold for an average of 44.53 crowns. This is 1.52 crowns less than a week earlier. During that time, diesel became cheaper by 1.15 crowns to 45.24 crowns per liter. Gasoline is now the cheapest since mid-May, diesel … Read more

Spider-Man Remastered had the wrong price on Steam – cheaper now

Many gaming fans were shocked when Sony announced the price for Spider-Man Remastered on PC. NOK 769 for a renovation of a four-year-old game seemed surprisingly expensive, but it turned out to be a blunder. Spider-Man Remastered no longer costs as much on PC. PlayStation PC LLC Via Steam tells Sony that Norway was among … Read more

Cheaper than Yamaha and Honda Premium Maxi Scooters, New Daihatsu Thor 2022 Car Candidate for a Million People

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Daihatsu re-introducing their newest car in the family car segment. He is New Daihatsu Thor 2022This car, known as the Gran Max mini, comes with an elegant mini van-style appearance. New Daihatsu Thor 2022 claimed to have many advantages as befits a modern family car. So what are the details? … Read more