Latest Alfamart Promo 9-15 August 2022, World’s Cheapest, Molto Rp. 10,000, Dettol Rp. 19,500

POS-KUPANG.COM – There is a promo Alfamart This is the newest Tribunners. Let’s go to the promo. You can get the cheapest promo in the world with prices starting at IDR 10,000 Alfamart today. Theres discount Alfamart for Molto, Dettol and Happy Nappy products. Various promos Alfamart other days are also available to pamper you … Read more

The Price of the Latest Honda PCX 2022, the Cheapest CBS Type from the ABS Type, Check Here!

COPPER – Honda PCX 160 The latest 2022 is equipped with a full digital panel meter that provides multi-information, the more keren. New Smart Key System integrated with alarm and Answer Back System, tank and seat release button Honda PCX 160 also integrated with the ignition. New wheel and tire design Honda PCX 160 wider … Read more

The cheapest car in Indonesia without air conditioning and radio, apparently it doesn’t sell

Jakarta – The cheapest car in Indonesia is currently still in the low cost green car (LCGC) segment. The cheapest model is the Ayla 1.0 DM/T. Although it is the most economical in the pocket than other variants, it does not guarantee that it will be the best seller. Quoted from wholesales data (factory distribution … Read more

The low cost era ends. This is claimed by the airline with the cheapest flights

The low cost era ends. This is claimed by the airline with the cheapest flights Ryanair Group CEO Michael O’Leary, a pioneer of the model in Europe Low Cost, forecasts for the next five years the increase in the prices of passenger flights, in parallel with the increase in fuel costs and environmental taxes. He … Read more

After the flood of increases, the 5 cheapest cars in Egypt

04:55 PM Thursday 04 August 2022 The 5 cheapest cars in Egypt Books – Muhammad Jamal: Many citizens in the Egyptian car market are looking for the cheapest models, which are commensurate with their financial capabilities without looking at the materials or luxuries that characterize the car. Despite the unprecedented rises in car prices in … Read more

The new cheapest cross Moskvich “Yauza” 2022-2023 is presented especially for Russia. Does it outperform Creta?

A recent statement by the mayor of the capital suggests that the Moscow Automobile Plant will soon restore its production. The enterprise will collect converted model brands JAC. We have already talked about the first 7-seat crossover “Primus” and Sedan “Corrida”which will become a direct but cheaper competitor lada-vesta. However, the capital automobile plant will … Read more

The 7 cheapest cars in history

For most it is not easy to gather buy a car. Those with a steady salary and a good credit history have to come up with the down payment and then have enough income to pay the monthly loan payments, insurance, maintenance and fuel. And for those who work on their own, acquiring a vehicle … Read more

Mazda Price as of August 2022 Still Calm, Cheapest Mazda2 – Until now, PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia (EMI) has not made any price adjustments to the product Mazda which is sold in the country. “Until now there has been no price adjustment. I can’t predict when the price will increase,” said Ricky Thio, Managing Director of EMI recently. This Japanese car manufacturer has several … Read more