Activision Blizzard continues the fight against cheaters

At the end of August, Activision Blizzard was loud pozwao CXCheats group, dealing with the creation of cheats, among others for games with cyklu Call of Duty. However, not only she was targeted by the giant from California. As it turns out, in as part of the fight against dishonest players, appropriate steps were also … Read more

Cheaters Fall Guys used a cunning trick on Steam

Anyone who plays Fall Guys on PC has probably already encountered some cheaters. Developer Mediatonic promises to do more to stop these cheaters. “Fighting cheaters is a priority for us”, reports developer Mediatonic via the game’s official Twitter account. Soon, cheaters will therefore be approached differently. “Right now, a cheater can finish the current episode … Read more

Fall Guys Developer Promises to Do More Against Cheaters | News

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Infinity Ward warns Warzone cheaters •

Infinity Ward is finally responding publicly to the huge amount of cheaters in it Call of Duty: Modern Warfare en Warzone and warns them that a new banwave is coming. The warning comes after fresh criticism from players about the increasing amount of cheaters in matches. Infinity Ward has been trying to put an end … Read more