Berlusconi hospitalized for Covid for at least 10 days. The phrase at the entrance: “Once I have checked, can I go?”

Today the most famous doctor of San Raffaele and the most famous of his clients are face to face in a room of the Milano Due hospital, in compliance with the safety devices set up to accommodate a person infected with Covid-19. The dialogue is complicated, also because there is distance and there are masks … Read more

“We know him very well, we have been together for 25 years, not friends anymore, but …” page all – Two personnel Superman Is Dead, Bobby Kool and Eka Rock were summoned by Polda investigators Bali as a witness to the alleged defamation of good name that ensnared I Gede Ari Astina alias Jerinx, Tuesday (18/8/2020). They came to the Bali Regional Police accompanied by Jerinx’s attorney, Wayan Gendo Suardana. Their arrival to … Read more

The CTU checked the reference LTE offer of O2, the operator had to reduce prices for data

Czech Telecommunication Office (ČTÚ) carried out in May and June, a check whether the O2 operator fulfills its obligation from the auction of LTE frequencies and provides it to virtual operators wholesale offer designed for so-called full MVNO. The result of the inspection was according to CTO monitoring reports for July reduction of the wholesale … Read more

Checked Almost 10 hours, Anji: It’s not good for me, I’m tired of pages all

JAKARTA,– Singer and content creator, Erdian Anji Prihartanto, or as he is usually known as Anji, admitted that this was the first time he was questioned by the police. After being examined for almost 10 hours, Anji admitted that he was tired and not wearing it. The singer of “He” hopes that the case … Read more

Twice Checked, Metro TV’s Yodi Boyfriend Allegedly Lied to the Police

JAKARTA, – Head of South Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit AKBP Mochammad Irwan Susanto said, the editor’s girlfriend Metro TV Yodi Prabowo, Suci Fitri, did not open when examined during the examination of witnesses related to Yodi’s death. The police suspect that Suci gave false information when questioned. “There are a number of things … Read more