Iglesias calls Vox party of cheeks, which protects vultures and millionaires

Madrid, May 13 (EFE) .- The second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, has assured this Wednesday, from the platform of Congress, that Vox is a “cheeky” and “anti-democratic” party, representing the interests of “vultures, of the billionaires who don’t want to pay taxes and the enemies of Spain “. Iglesias, who has thus responded to an … Read more

New season of Fortnite not playable on iOS and Mac: ‘Tears streamed down his cheeks’

The new season of Fortnite came out yesterday. Something fans look forward to. Many thousands of players do not see any of this. Ruben (6) is such a fanatic player. “When he plays it is excitement and sensation. He plays the game with full dedication,” says his mother. When the news came that the new … Read more

5 Natural Ways Can Help You Avoid Sagging Cheeks

Doing facial exercises while lying down is the most effective way to do it and provides faster results. You have to create resistance to build muscle fibers properly. This can be done very well when you are lying down, lifting and holding your head in various ways. That does not mean that when you sit … Read more