“Niu Maru” Chen Wanting is the only woman among the candidates for the head coach of Chinese women’s football

[Tilu News]The open recruitment of the Chinese women’s football coach closed at midnight today (12th). The mainland media “Beijing Youth Daily” confirmed that the Hong Kong female football coach Chen Wanting, nicknamed “Niuwan”, is on the list of candidates. Three other mainland male coaches and celebrities are arguing for the coach. The 33-year-old Chen Wanting … Read more

Shiatzy Chen SHIATZY CHEN releases the 2022 Spring/Summer Collection-Playful/CIRCUS-China Travel Industry Reference

Paris, October 5, 2021/Press Release – Xinwengao.com/ — 2022 Spring/Summer, Design Director Ms. Wang Chen Caixia“play”The theme is taken from the meaning of play, joy and liveliness in the ancient text, and the expression is inspired by the Western circus. It carries the tiger totem of the oriental culture. Even if you are within your … Read more

Elite Cup|Jiezhi breaks the undefeated recruit in the southern zone, Chen Zhaojun, reserve teammate of Gezan to add momentum (19:02)-20211003-Sports-News

Jiezhi defeated the Standard Rangers in the Elite Cup and opened the door to victory this season. This game faces the undefeated three previous games in the southern zone with midfielder Ju Yingzhi’s defiance. The “Blue Jays” took the lead in the first 5 minutes with Ernst & Young Jia to receive a corner kick. … Read more

Quan Hongchan Chen Aisen finally went to the zoo to take a vlog and share it with netizens-People-cnBeta.COM

Quan Hongchan, the 14-year-old diving champion who performed the “splash disappearance technique” at the Tokyo Olympics, became famous. With the increase in exposure, the experience behind it has gradually become known.In previous interviews, she said frankly that “I have never been to an amusement park or a zoo. After the Olympics, I want to play … Read more

National Games Express丨Olympic champion Chen Lijun wins the gold medal in the men’s 67 kg weightlifting class at the 14th National Games-West China (Shaanxi News)

National Games Express丨Olympic champion Chen Lijun wins the gold medal in the men’s 67 kg weightlifting class at the 14th National Games-West China (Shaanxi News) Time: 2021-09-21 21:45:57 Source: Western Net-Shaanxi News Net ©Original Share to WeChat Moments Open WeChat, click “Discover”, and use “Scan” to share the webpage to Moments. Western Net News (Reporter … Read more

National Games table tennis women’s team Liaoning team climbs to the top, Chen Meng regrets losing the national team to sparring

National Games table tennis women’s team Liaoning team climbed to the top Chen Meng regret lost the national team to trainFly into the homes of ordinary people During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Games table tennis ushered in the first climax. The Liaoning team, with three national players, defeated the Shandong team led by Chen … Read more

Table Tennis Team: Wang Manyu beats Chen Meng, it is difficult to save the team’s defeat, Malone leads his team to win two consecutive victories-Chinanews.com

(Shaanxi National Games) Table Tennis Team: Wang Manyu’s victory over Chen Meng can hardly save the team’s defeat and Malone leads his team to win two consecutive victories   China News ServiceYan’an, September 18 (Reporter Wang Yu) On the 18th, the table tennis event of the 14th National Games entered the second competition day. In the … Read more

Evergrande Group’s second shareholder Liu Luanxiong and his wife reduce their holdings to cash out | Xu Jiayin | Chen Kaiyun | Chinese Real Estate

[Epoch Times September 17, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Li Jing comprehensive report) Recently, the leading real estate company in ChinaEvergrandeThe group continues to be reduced by shareholders.Disclosure in the mediaXu JiayinAfter the wife and the senior executives of Evergrande completed the advance payment of the principal and interest of the wealth management product “Hengda Wealth”, the … Read more

National Games ︱ Chen Yufei defends the badminton women’s singles 5 singles, only two of the world’s highest ranked national players win gold (22:11)-20210917-Sports-News

The 25-year-old Shi Yuqi defeated Lu Guangzu 21:9 and 21:13 in two straight games, and was promoted to the first level by losing to Lin Dan in the previous session. Earlier, Chen Yufei, who had caused hot talk about “explosive shoes”, also defeated Jiangsu’s He Bingjiao in two straight games and became the second female … Read more

Diving men’s 10-meter platform: Yang Jian won the championship, practiced Junjie, Chen Aisen picked silver and bronze-Chinanews.com

Men’s 10m diving platform: Yang Jian wins the championship, training Junjie Chen Aisen picks silver and bronze The information published on this website does not represent the views of China News Service and China News Service. Publication of manuscripts from this website shall be authorized in writing. Unauthorized reprinting, excerpting, copying, and mirroring are forbidden. … Read more