Stones are the fault of excessive calcium intake?Dietitian Chen Yichun’s 7 tips, refuse to be a stone family|

Stones in the body attack, which makes people miserable! There is a rumor on the Internet that: “Increasing calcium intake will cause stones”, is it true? Nutritionist Chen Yichun said that in fact, increasing calcium intake will not cause stones. The real cause of stones is insufficient calcium intake and not drinking enough water. If … Read more

“Secondary Vocational” Chen Keyi is good at voting, Lin Chengfei kicks off Letian terminates 4-game winning streak and 3-game losing streak at home – Free Sports

Lotte Taoyuan Chen Keyi started 6.1 innings and allowed only 2 hits and 1 run. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun) [Reporter Wu Qingzheng/Taoyuan Report]Lotte Taoyuan Chen Keyi started 6.1 innings and only allowed 2 hits and allowed 1 run. Lin Chengfei blasted Yangchun home run and beat Fubon Titans 3:1. Lotte ended its 4-game winning … Read more

[WTT Macau Championship]Wang Chuqin swept Ma Long and defended the title Wang Manyu defeated Chen Mengcheng

(Picture: WTT Weibo) [Sports News]”WTT Macau Championship 2023 – Presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group” was held today (22nd) at the Tap Seac Stadium on the last day of the event. The finale was the men’s singles match. The world’s No. 2 Wang Chuqin played straight In 4 rounds, he beat Ma Long, the two-time Olympic … Read more

There is no problem with Chen Qizong changing his foreign name | Blog Post

The conflict between China and the United States has intensified, and the business community has to figure out how to deal with it. Chen Qizong, chairman of Hang Lung Group, recently talked about this issue at the United Hong Kong Fund Forum. Chen Qizong once said that Hong Kong must choose between China and the … Read more

[WTT Macau Championship]Men’s and women’s singles draws released Du Kaiqin 32 tough Chen Meng

[Sports News]WTT Macau Championship 2023 will be staged for 7 consecutive days starting from tomorrow (17th). Hong Kong table tennis “first brother” Huang Zhenting and “first sister” Du Kaiqin will play in the singles match separately. Huang Zhenting will face the Japanese young player in the top 32, while Du Kaiqin will challenge the Chinese … Read more

There are magic tools for detoxification, intestinal adjustment, and weight loss!Nutritionist Chen Yanfu: The 4 major functions of apples must be eaten |

Spring is the best time to detoxify the body, and apples are a very high-quality “natural detoxifier”. Nutritionist Chen Yanfu pointed out that apples are low in calories, rich in nutrients and dietary fiber, and can play a role in regulating the intestines and preventing intestinal diseases. But if you suffer from prostatic hypertrophy or … Read more

Chen Zhuoxian was accused of looking like a manly tree bear himself and felt strange

Ian (Chen Zhuoxian) of MIRROR’s new song “Hug a Koala” can be regarded as his debut work “Phase II Building” version 2.0, he said: “”Phase II Building” describes the people who support me all the way, backing me up behind me, Waiting for me to forge my own path forward. After a few years, the … Read more

The original drama “Dream” will be staged at Tianqiao Art Center, and Chen Peisi and his son will tell stories in and out of the play-International Online

The original drama “Dream” will be staged at Tianqiao Art Center, and Chen Peisi and his son will tell the story in and out of the play Chen Peisi, Chen Dayu and his son were interviewed.Photo by reporter Fang Fei From April 28th to May 7th, the stage trilogy “Dream”, written by Yuyue, directed by … Read more

The credit card was stolen for 90,000 yuan. Chen Yirong asked the reason carefully and exclaimed “too much” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Actress Chen Yirong. (Picture / Taken from Facebook / Chen Yirong’s official FB) Actress Chen Yirong received a text message on her mobile phone at around 11:00 p.m. on the 6th, which mentioned that the credit card had been spent over NT$90,000. She was so frightened that she immediately called the bank’s customer service. Fortunately, … Read more

Chen Lingjiu cut 10-year old love? Announcing the withdrawal from the “Joint Beverage Store”: It has nothing to do with me, she responded with a voice | Entertainment | CTWANT

Seeing that Chen Lingjiu and Huhu broke up, the two of them once again announced their withdrawal from the beverage store they jointly invested in. (Picture / Recap from Chen Lingjiu, Huhu IG) Singer Chen Lingjiu has actively expanded his side business in recent years, branching out into fashion brands, doll shops, restaurants, etc. In … Read more