Florinda Meza tells if Chespirito prohibited her from having children (VIDEO)

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 18.08.2020 12:21:30 Florinda Meza, actress who gave life to Mrs. Florinda at Chavo del 8, is one of the people most shocked by the news that the programs produced by Roberto Gómez Bolaños ‘Chespirito ‘ went off the air all over the world. Given this fact, the famous gave her … Read more

Chespirito off the air: And now, who can defend the fans?

Millions of viewers around the world woke up over the weekend without seeing for the first time, after 49 years, a chapter of El Chavo del 8, El Chapulín Colorado, the Chifladitos and other characters devised by the late Mexican actor and director Roberto Gómez Bolaños. “This is the number one program on humorous television,” … Read more

The TV show “Chespirito” goes off the air worldwide – CNN

Roberto Gómez Bolaños. Credit: LUIS ACOSTA / AFP via Getty Images (CNN Español) — The son of comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños, “Chespirito”, and television executive, Roberto Gómez Fernández, confirmed on his Twitter account the departure of his father’s programs, which have been broadcast for more than 40 years. Gómez Fernández expressed sadness and assured that … Read more

The end of Chavo del Ocho? Disagreement took the world’s most successful television series off the air

El Chavo del Ocho said goodbye without further ado to world television after Televisa and the Gómez Fernández family failed to seal an agreement to continue broadcasting this successful program. Thus, 47 years after the creation of the series and six years after the death of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Internet and no channel in the … Read more

Chespirito: Florinda Meza makes a pronouncement on the air release of ‘El Chavo’ and ‘Chapulín Colorado’ – Cinema and Tv – Culture

This Saturday, in the afternoon, Roberto Gómez Fernández unveiled the worldwide air outlet of the programs ‘El Chavo del 8’, ‘El Chapulín Colorado’ and ‘Chespirito’, created by his father, the emblematic Roberto Gómez Bolaños. The announcement immediately provoked different reactions. One of them was that of the actress and producer Florinda Meza, widow of the … Read more

TV: “Chespirito” would stop broadcasting worldwide, according to Ro’s son

The son of Roberto Gómez BolañosRoberto Gómez Fernández regretted that “Chespirito” was left “out of the world screens” through his official Twitter account. Without giving further explanations, he assured that he and his family will insist that things change soon. “Although saddened by the decision, my family and I hope that Chespirito will soon be … Read more

Goodbye Chespirito: Roberto Gómez Bolaños’ programs went off the air around the world

The United States had to build it before Nazi Germany or the world would fall into the hands of the Führer. Everything took place in El Alamo, a town they built from scratch. Who was Oppenheimer, the creator of the deadly weapon. Spy attempts. And the mystery of Heisenberg, the German scientist who did not … Read more

Chespirito comes out of the air in the world; Florinda Meza points to Televisa

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 01.08.2020 23:19:45 Almost six years after Roberto Goméz Bolaños passed away, they stopped broadcasting all his creations around the world without specifying the reason, this despite the fact that they remained valid in the taste of the public. A surprising tweet from Roberto Gómez Fernández, son of the famous creator, … Read more

Chespirito goes off the air around the world

Through his Twitter account, and without giving details, Roberto Gómez Fernández regretted that Chespirito He has been “off the world screen”, but he assured that he and his family will continue to insist that soon things change. “Although saddened by the decision, my family and I hope that Chespirito will soon be on the screens … Read more

Were there ghosts in the neighborhood of Chavo del 8?

In this material that has been disseminated on digital platforms, se has clarified that all the content and the veracity of it remains with the public, since it is only fulfilled with showing inexplicable facts. In the merged scenes in these videos you can see how the curtains of the houses move repeatedly, shadows appear … Read more