“Chiche” Duhalde: “In serious countries neither Macri nor Cristina could have been presidents”

Related news Hilda “Chiche” Duhalde, former national senator, spoke on Tuesday, October 13, about the country situation. He considered that the current crisis “is much more serious” than that of 2001, and demanded the need to have anti-corruption laws: he said that “in serious countries” neither Cristina Kirchner ni Mauricio Macri “could have been presidents … Read more

One by one, all those who responded to Duhalde

Santiago Cafiero, Chief of Staff: “The statements are inappropriate relationships. I have great respect for the former president. What we do want to express is that Argentina has already decided many years ago to live in a democracy to bet on the democratic regime,” remarked the coordinating minister of Alberto Fern├índez’s cabinet. And he continued: … Read more