Cooking chicken in drugs, the dangerous trend of TikTok

Incongruous and dangerous, a new recipe is making a buzz on TikTok by encouraging people to cook chicken in drugs. A trend that has caused the Food and Drug Administration (USA) to react, which considers that this combination seriously threatens the health of those who might try it. The Chinese social network has not finished … Read more

Chicken cooked in medicine goes viral on TikTok and FDA issues alert

Fonte: Canaltech A dangerous trend is taking over TikTok: a chicken recipe with Vick’s flu medicine, more precisely NyQuil, sold in the United States. The case began to gain so many supporters that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had to publicly take a stand, issuing an alert. The idea of ​​cooking chicken marinated … Read more

Kentucky Fried Chicken threatens Mbappe

Legal affairs threatened “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, the star of the French national team, Kylian Mbappe, after the latter refused to participate in the group photos of his country due to the image rights crisis. The French Football Federation announced that it would review the agreement on the rights of players’ images after media reports that … Read more

FDA warns ‘Chicken NyQuil’ is ‘a recipe for danger’

What is real clucking? The latest seriously questionable social media trend apparently has people popping chicken into over-the-counter cough and cold medicines like NyQuil, presumably to eat. And this “NyQuil chicken,” or “sleepy chicken,” has so ruffled health officials that the Food and Drug Administration has actually issued a warning about it. A recent consumer … Read more

TikTok Challenge: Don’t Cook Your Chicken With Nyquil

A new challenge popularized on TikTok has many people cooking chicken in Nyquil syrup or other similar cold medication, a dangerous practice, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned. According to the US Federal Food Administration, cooking with drugs carries health risks on several levels. Although this challenge seems crazy and disgusting, it is … Read more

Chicken prices continue to soar

Par Fayza Senhaji le 20/09/2022 à 19h03 Kiosk360. On the markets, chicken prices continue to soar. Moreover, food prices have peaked in recent months. Still, a certain lull was expected. Details in this press review from the daily Al Akhbar. aA Chicken prices continue to soar. From now on, it is necessary to count on … Read more

TikTok chicken maker teaches you how to split a whole chicken like a pro

With all the controversy what is behind the tricks and tricks that some thumbs in the markets to cut and measure your pollo to overcharge you, many people have chosen to buy the whole chicken and cut it at home and although this sounds like a difficult option, fortunately there are several tutorials on the … Read more

These 13 Signs Your Lungs Are Unhealthy or Seriously Sick Are Rarely Realized, Blue Nails Are Included?

JOURNAL SOREANG – When something goes wrong with paru-paru you, it could signal that something serious is going on. It is important to watch for signs of illness paru-paru and any symptoms that show paru-paru You may not be well. because early detection can be very helpful in managing and treating conditions such as disease … Read more

Mother Smuggles Drugs for Biological Children in Prison, Sabu Puts in Chicken Neck in Soto Sauce

SERAMBINEWS.COM – One person mother desperate to smuggle drugs for child his mother is in prison. The woman hides sabu in the chicken neck in the soup. But the woman’s action supplies drugs into Pages discovered by officers. The woman with the initials P, a mother households in Madiun, East Java smuggle drugs for childher … Read more