KFC stabbed “Blood Vengeance” as a cheap copy, which was ironically “fried chicken tasteless” by the developer | 4Gamers

Well, you read that right, it’s really KFC. The KFC Gaming Twitter account was recently criticized by the development team of “Blood Vengeance” because it was just a cheap copy of “Vengeance of the Evil”. It happened like this. KFC Gaming posted a “Every masterpiece has its cheap copy” on the official Twitter, with the … Read more

HURRY SHOPPING! Superindo PROMO 12 October 2021: Mister Potato Rp12,490, Chicken Nugget 40% Discount

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – HURRY SHOPPING! Superindo PROMO 12 October 2021: Mister Potato Rp12,490, Chicken Nugget 40% Discount. What are you waiting for if there is already a promo that offers a variety of daily necessities products? Yep, one solution is shopping at Superindo. As is known, Superindo has various interesting promos every day! In addition to … Read more

FOOD PROMO Today 10 October 2021, A&W McD KFC Pizza Hut Dunkin Donuts Texas Chicken Chatime

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID – Enjoy the weekend with variety food and drink promos available to you today Sunday 10 October 2021. Currently there are various variants of promos and discounts on food and beverage menus that can be chosen, including McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, A&W, Texas Chicken, Chatime And many others. In addition to appetizing menus, the … Read more

KFC Promo October 8, 2021, 9 Chicken, Chicken Strips, French Fries, Rice and Pudding Only Rp. 240 thousand

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – KFC Promo Today October 8, 2021, the menu saves for two IDR 50 thousand, fried chicken, chicken strips, french fries, rice, and pudding, and the price is only 240 thousand. Today there is still a KFC Kombo Duo promo for various variants, from A, B, C to D. Don’t miss the Mega Kombo … Read more

KFC PROMO Thursday 7 October 2021: Menu Goceng Plus IDR 4 thousand, Burger, Rice, Chicken, Potatoes, Cola Save

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – PROMO KFC Thursday 7 October 2021: There is a Goceng Plus Menu of IDR 4 thousand, Burger, Rice, Chicken, Potatoes, Cola Save. Uhuyyy, the long awaited Thursday has come again! Of course, not a few have been waiting for an interesting promo from KFC today. Yep, apart from the phenomenal TBT promo, there … Read more

Big as a chicken, but still an alpha predator. The British have a new dinosaur

The Welsh name Pendraig is distinctive. In English, it means “chief dragon” and refers to the shape of the dragon and the high position in the food chain. The second part of the name milnerae dinosaur was given in honor of the British paleontologist Angela Milner, who died in August this year after more than … Read more

Scientists discover Welsh “dragon” dinosaur the size of a chicken dinosaurs

A dinosaur was found to be a distant relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex – but with a body the size of a chicken – which likely towered over the roost around 200 million years ago. The small but fearsome creature, whose fossilized remains were found in a southern quarry Wales, is the oldest theropod – … Read more

Use guns and swear words to revolutionize “Polar War Howling 6” The top ten tips for buying, the chicken attack “Iron Fist Chicken Fight” is here 🐔 | 4Gamers

Ubisoft’s new open-world action-adventure series, “Far Cry 6” (Far Cry 6) is expected to be officially released on October 7. Players will travel to the virtual island nation of the Caribbean “Yala” to play the role of Danny, a member of the Freedmen DictatorshipUncle Fried Chicken“Anton Castillo” (played by Giancarlo Esposito in “Breaking Bad”). Since … Read more

“Nida Al-Watan”: The return of the smuggling line to Syria inflames chicken prices

The chicken smuggling market from Akkar to Syria has regained its activity; After it had stopped in the past few months, which called at the time for relief in the consumer market and a decrease in the price of a kilo of chicken and cutlets of all kinds, people turned to chicken and eggs after … Read more