Piotr Gąsowski proud of his son. “Today is a special day for me”

“Today is a special day for me. I think for my son Kuba as well. Well, for the first time in our lives we work together on the set of a series! Today I felt and saw, with no small emotion, that Kuba, even though he is my child, […] he is also a professional … Read more

Gazmanov’s son made an honest statement about the famous father

This is now Rodion Gazmanov – an accomplished artist who made his way to the stage without the help of his parents, but at the end of the 90s, barely graduating from school, the young man had little idea how to continue to live. Oleg Gazmanov, as it turned out, did not want to help … Read more

the daughter of the matchmaker Rosa Syabitova was tormented by terrible toxicosis

Xenia is in late pregnancy. The daughter of the host and matchmaker Rosa Syabitova is in late pregnancy. Ksenia admitted that she was suffering from terrible toxicosis. “It seems that I am expecting a boy, because six weeks of terrible toxicosis, I want to die and be resurrected. I won’t be a super cool mom, … Read more

Mikhailov’s wife, who left Russia, made a splash with her forms (photo)

Inna Mikhailova perfectly manages not only to look much younger than her years, but also to maintain a graceful figure. But the other day she celebrated her 49th birthday. The wife of a popular singer celebrated her birthday abroad in the company of her youngest daughter. Mikhailova posted footage from the event on social networks.

Life thwarted her plans. 51-year-old Weronika Marczuk dreams of children

– Once again, life shows that he writes his scripts anyway. It’s hard to manage your life when these things happen. If it is given, it will be so – said Marczuk, who knows that people may begin to reproach her for her age, suggesting that it is too late for motherhood. – But some … Read more

Sylwia Bomba honestly about single motherhood. He remembers a disturbing situation

It’s no secret that Sylwia Bomba is a single mother. And although the star of “Gogglebox. In front of the TV” emphasizes that he loves his daughter more than life, it does not hide that she deals with the excess of duties on a daily basis. “I used to shop, talk on the phone and … Read more

Rupert Grint reveals his little daughter is already using foul language

Ilya Bogomolov A girl who is not even two years old often repeats an obscene word. Rupert Grint. Photo: globallookpress.com In 2020, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint became a father. The actor and his girlfriend Georgia Groome had a daughter, whom her parents named Wednesday. She will be two years old in May. Recently, the … Read more

Anna Samusionek showed a photo of her adult daughter. She has grown into a beautiful woman

“My private, personal sunshine that will brighten even the darkest day” – wrote Anna Samusionek under the photo. There were of course a lot of compliments in the comment section. Internet users claim that Angelika inherited her beauty from her mother. “Angelika is so beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off”, “Beautiful mother’s daughter”, … Read more

Surprising reports. Agnieszka Więdłocha and Antoni Pawlicki are planning to enlarge the family?

“This is the greatest happiness that could have happened to me. Even though I have heard the opinion that bringing a child into such a world is a manifestation of selfishness. (…) On the one hand, I am afraid to think about the future that awaits my daughter. the generation will have more sense and … Read more

Sobchak and Bogomolov fled to Courchevel with their children

The long New Year holidays in the family of Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov continue. The couple are skiing in Courchevel. At the same time, they did not fly alone to an elite ski resort in France. They are accompanied by children from previous marriages: Anya, born in the union of Bogomolov and actress Daria … Read more