Children’s bodies also discovered in Izyum mass grave, Russian torture rooms in city | Don’t miss these stories

reportageAt least 450 bodies have recently been discovered in the forests of the Ukrainian city of Izyum. The investigation is still in full swing. The Belgian newspaper The last news went to the ruined city and spoke to the remaining inhabitants. “We were terrified that the Russians would take us to the police station, that’s … Read more

Maxim Galkin, who released a new video, received a huge burst of criticism: why spoil the children’s future?

With their son Harris and daughter Liza attending school, the singer has made it clear that she has no plans to leave the country just yet. The family filmed a cozy video report about how the little ones are getting ready for school. This video report was published by M. Galkinas on his account. True, … Read more

Complaints about unsafe children’s playgrounds in the courtyards of apartment buildings in Mārupe / Article

Ilze, a nanny with eight years of experience, is worried about children’s leisure opportunities in Mārupe, she believes that with a small child, there is really no place to relax in “Vecozolu namu” in Mārupe. It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that the structures in the small playground are worn out. There is … Read more

Children’s risk of disease increases as schools open! Child Health Specialist warned families. September is critical for diseases. What should be paid attention to? What do the flares indicate?

“In recent years, viruses such as corona virus, viruses called influenza, cold viruses, viruses such as hand and foot diseases, which are very common nowadays, such as chickenpox and measles are all viral diseases,” said Dr. Onur said, “Their target audience is children. Why are they children? First, they are creatures whose immune systems are … Read more

Shaanxi filming and filming to convey red memory children’s film “Shining Bugle” released nationwide today

Shaanxi filming and filming to convey red memory children’s film “Shining Bugle” released nationwide today 2022-09-10 18:07:00Source: Xi’an News Network Today (September 10), starring Niu Ben, a famous performance artist of the older generation, starring Pei Jiongqi and Wang Kan, and the children’s film “Shining Bugle” directed by Han Tianshan was officially released on the … Read more

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) commits US$33 million to break the cycle of HIV transmission – Press releases

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) commits US$33 million to break the cycle of HIV transmission September 08, 2022 The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Collaborates with CIFF to Launch Catalytic Fund for HIV The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) is committing US$33 million for a catalytic fund to accelerate progress against HIV … Read more

scandalous children’s show returns to the air

September 8, 2022 14:15 The controversial project will be restarted after 20 years. This famous old children’s show at one time caused a flurry of public discussion and criticism. Some viewers were delighted with her, while others demanded a permanent ban. And now the strange characters of this series are ready to conquer the screens … Read more

Should parents pay for their children’s misbehavior? | Join the conversation

Houin became unconscious found on the ground. After emergency services viewed surveillance footage, Houin was found to have been chased, beaten and robbed by two 14-year-old boys and one 15-year-old boy. She was taken to hospital but was not in life-threatening condition. She suffered fractures and a brain haemorrhage. No regrets One of the three … Read more

Apple will push children’s watches?Report says it’s cheaper than Apple Watch SE

New cool products are free to try for the first time, and there are many high-quality talents sharing their unique life experience, come onSina Public Test, experience the most cutting-edge, interesting and fun products in various fields~!downloadclientYou can also get exclusive benefits! With less than 48 hours to go before Apple’s fall event “Far out”, … Read more

Professor Urbonas warned what should be avoided in children’s diet immediately: it is the fastest way to obesity

Frequent choice of drink is a straight path to obesity According to V. Urbonas, children’s food choices are clearly the worst in a lunch box – processed food and various semi-finished products. However, parents also make other mistakes that are harmful to the child’s health, which often seem less obvious. Although parents like it for … Read more