50% of children’s photos on porn websites, new law in France punishes parents for posting photos

France has passed a new law guaranteeing better privacy and security for children. Parents will have control over sharing their children’s photos and videos on social media. The new bill itself was passed to ensure privacy for children. The French Assembly passed the bill represented by MP Bruno Studer. Under the new law, courts will … Read more

Bill Gates banned his children’s cell phones until they were 14 years old so they could be successful

When he gave the cell phone to his children, he had the access passwords. (Reuters) Bill Gates he is one of the most influential characters in the history of technology and computing; However, in his house the rules were very clear with his children and he preferred to limit their access to one of the … Read more

Mare (12) sleeps in a tree house for six months to draw attention to children’s rheumatism

Saturday is World Children’s Arthritis Day. To put the disease in the spotlight, Mare Van Hove (12) will sleep in a tree house for six months. «Children’s Rheumatism remains an underestimated condition’, report ReumaNet and ORKA, the Association of Parents of Rheumatic Children and Adolescents. In Belgium, about three thousand children and young people suffer … Read more

“Maybe I didn’t choose well”, Paulina Rubio talks about her children’s parents

On the other hand, when recalling the recent death of her mother, the actress Susana Dosamantes, the so-called Golden Girl, stated: “My mother, a beautiful, divine, very lucky to have her in my love, that she was my mother, and here we are …”. Paulina Rubio says goodbye to her mother, Susana Dosamantes. (Getty Images) … Read more

Princess Kate forbids her children’s nanny to say that

For this reason, in 2014 they hired nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo. She has been taking care of the offspring of the royal family for years. However, the nanny has to follow strict and sometimes strange rules when raising the three royals. Among other things, Princess Kate and Prince William are said to have forbidden … Read more

he invites his best friend to sleep and he sneaks into his children’s bed in Brussels

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Luis Miguel’s REACTION to MILLIONARIA demands Aracely Arámbula for her children’s pension

In days gone by, information began to spread indicating that Luis Miguel had an arrest warrant in Mexico, due to a millionaire demand filed by his ex-partner Aracely Arambula for reasons of pension his children; However, the “Sun of Mexico” already reacted to said data through their social networks. What started as a dream for … Read more

Children’s pandemic drawings show high health knowledge

The conclusion: Children between the ages of four and six were strongly affected – but also showed a great deal of knowledge about the spread of disease. – Some of the pictures depicted older relatives and others depicted how the children were sad that they could not travel to the summer resort to meet their … Read more

Children’s drawings of the pandemic reflect both concern and awareness –

It does not belong to the normality of children’s drawings in scientific contexts. But in a new study at Uppsala University, the research has been based entirely on drawings of the covid-19 pandemic. The researchers have collected roughly 90 drawings, made by children between the ages of four and six, which were submitted to the … Read more

Spanish families accuse nurse of falsifying children’s vaccinations

vcucns / Flickr Parents want to know why the clearly anti-vaccination health worker was assigned to inoculate children. A group of spanish families decided to take legal action against a nurse accused of falsifying the administration of vaccines foreseen in the Spanish inoculation program. The first alert came last autumn, after some parents alerted the … Read more