Chilean peso bonds grow attractive but sixth withdrawal could spoil the party AFP pension funds | ECONOMY

Nearly two-thirds of 14 fixed-income traders surveyed cited AFP withdrawal projects as the main driver of rates this month. It is the highest percentage in the monthly survey since April of last year. If market expectations are met that pension retirement projects are rejected this month, it would also push rates downward, he said. Daniel … Read more

Chilean model prepares for the launch of Tears of the Kingdom with this beautiful Zelda cosplay – FayerWayer

Although Link is the young warrior and playable character of the video games of The Legend of Zeldathe great protagonist of this story is precisely the Princess Zeldaprotector of the kingdom of Hyrule and protagonist of an incredible cosplay viralized on the Internet and social networks. Zelda is the princess descendant of the Royal Family … Read more

Gerard Collao | The only Chilean who played for PSG: “I couldn’t surround myself with the right people”

A Chilean at PSG? Yes, that’s the story of Gerard Collao, 25-year-old Chilean soccer player, who was in the youth team of the Parisian team. At the age of 14 he went to live in France, where he played in minor teams, until he excelled in one of the tournaments in which he participated and, … Read more

The Chilean who signed in San Lorenzo and never played, defends himself: “I felt underappreciated”

Alex Ibacache starred in one of the most incomprehensible stories of the last transfer market. The winger left Everton de Viña del Mar and was presented as a new reinforcement of San Lorenzo, however, the footballer never played a game. After a couple of months of silence, the winger signed in Belgrano de Córdoba and … Read more

Beautiful Chilean models play female versions of Mario Bros and Luigi in this amazing cosplay – FayerWayer

Only two weeks in movie theaters were enough for Super Mario Bros. The Movie to become the highest grossing film of 2023. The film adaptation of the famous video game Nintendo is about to mark a record due to its great story and marvelous production, which is not only recognized by “specialized critics”. The public, … Read more

the feat of the Chilean German Club that finished fourth in the tournament in Berlin

On national soil, little is said about the basketball discipline. Normally you tend to see a large mass at the country level linked to the soccersince every weekend they compete in National Championship and their various results appear in the Chilean TV. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible for other sports and exponents of various disciplines … Read more

Price of the dollar in Chile today, April 22: exchange rate and value in Chilean pesos

The value of the dollar in Chile is an important indicator to analyze the financial situation of the country. The US currency factor provides important variables to determine certain values ​​in the basic basket, as well as provides parameters on how the world economy scenario is. The global behavior of the currency has maintained a … Read more

Price of the dollar in Chile today, April 14: exchange rate and value in Chilean pesos

The price of the dollar is a crucial element in the development of economic activity in the country. In addition, it expresses how the international economy influences locally and constitutes a key factor when starting projects or new businesses. Likewise, it affects the value of some basic products in the family basket. At the end … Read more

Chilean Treasury launches harsh questions to Acciona’s million-dollar lawsuit

In early March, Acciona Construcción SA Agencia en Chile –linked to the Spanish conglomerate of the same name- filed a lawsuit against the Chilean Treasury, requesting compensation of $21 billion. This, as part of the project called La Laguna Education and Work Model Campus Construction (Talca Prison), which the contractor was awarded in 2017. At … Read more