Israel acknowledged “regrettable mistake” when talking about the “Chilean strain” of Covid-19

As a “unfortunate mistake” Israel rated the public dissemination of the existence of a “Chilean strain” of Covid-19Since there is no such mutation and it was one that had already been previously identified, as the ISP had emphasized. “Our laboratory identified the C37 sublineage in an Israeli citizen who had been arriving from Latin America, … Read more

France: death of Chilean playwright Oscar Castro, founder of the Aleph Theater – All Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal of the day: sport, Senegalese politics, people and various facts in Senegal

News > France: death of Chilean playwright Oscar Castro, founder of the Aleph Theater Through, published on April 26, 2021, 4:00 AM. News Chilean playwright and comedian Oscar Castro died of Covid-19 on Sunday in France, where he founded the Aleph Theater after his exile under the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990), the Chilean government and … Read more

AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid is 76% effective, according to Chilean study

Santiago.- The vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford against Covid-19 is 76% effective in preventing virus infection, 15 days after the application of the second dose, showed a clinical study carried out in Chile. The vaccine showed that it is 100% effective in preventing serious cases or critical of the disease. The … Read more

Chilean veterinarian inoculated people against COVID with dog vaccine … says it ‘worked’ – El Financiero

A Chilean veterinarian publicly admitted on Tuesday that she vaccinated four people and herself against the coronavirus with an immunizer for dogs, although authorities estimate that those inoculated would actually exceed 70. A second vet told authorities that he only vaccinated himself. The case was reported by the newspaper El Mercurio de Antofagasta, 1,300 kilometers … Read more

The Chilean peso is one of the emerging currencies with the best performance of the day and falls below $ 710

The value of the dollar in the local market fell from important support and remains at its lowest value since February 24. The exchange rate ended the day falling almost $ 5 compared to yesterday’s close, so it ended at $ 708.5 This is the lowest value since February 24 There are two factors that … Read more

Active and 5,000 years old: Geologists from the University of Chile discover a volcano in Chilean Patagonia

The falla Liquiñe-Ofqui is the name of a set of geological faults that run near 1,200 kilometers in a north-south direction from the BioBío Region to the Gulf of Penas in Aysén, an area covered with snow ten months a year, difficult to access due to the height, and a geography that boasts dense vegetation. … Read more

The Chilean contradiction: why doesn’t the success of the vaccination stop the pandemic? | National

Something does not add up. At an impressive rate since the beginning of February, Chile has inoculated almost 30% of its population with one dose and 15% with both. The achievement of reaching one of the first places in the world ranking of vaccinated people by population is celebrated by the government of Sebastián Piñera … Read more

Chilean peso devalues ​​against the dollar due to the advance of covid-19 in the country | Economy

The exchange rate continues with its upward trend in the short term and at its opening this Wednesday it marked $731. At the local level, the virus continues to advance in Chile and the growth prospects are getting smaller every day. José Raúl Godoy, head of analysis at XTB Latam, said that it is very … Read more

Karün, the Chilean company based on recycled glasses, lands in Europe

Through the GrandVision chain of stores, from the day after tomorrow, the Chilean eyewear company Karün will begin to sell its products based on recycling and circular economy in Europe. In a first stage, your optical and sunglasses will be available in about 1,200 stores in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark … Read more

The Chilean film ‘The Topo Agent’, the only representative of Latin America at the Oscars 2021 | Culture

The Hollywood Academy decided this Monday that The mole agent, a Chilean documentary filmed as a detective film about loneliness in a nursing home, will be one of the five nominees for best documentary feature film. With this announcement, The mole agent will be the only Latin American feature film present in the awards to … Read more