Why being less lazy than chimpanzees makes us live longer

A Harvard University study has provided a detailed evolutionary explanation for why chimpanzees only have a life expectancy of 40 years, while in humans it is easily 30 years longer. Staying active all your life is the secret… “It’s a widespread idea in the western world that it’s normal to slow down a bit as … Read more

Serious human disease identified in chimpanzees

For the first time, researchers have formally identified the bacteria responsible for leprosy in two populations of chimpanzees. On Wednesday, a team of researchers released research that points to a disturbing sighting. They have indeed noticed cases of leprosy in chimpanzees West Africa, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea-Bissau. It’s here very first time that this disease … Read more

Leprosy discovered in wild chimpanzees for the first time | Abroad

The origin of the infection in the monkeys is not yet clear. Scientists suspect that the chimpanzees contracted leprosy through contact with humans. But that needs to be further investigated. Research shows that the strains are different and unusual in humans. It is also still unclear whether this form can jump from apes to humans. … Read more

This Woman ‘Relates’ to Chimpanzees & Banned from Entering the Zoo

Jakarta, Insertlive – Belgian woman Adie Timmermans rejected enter the star garden Antwerp for having a close relationship with a male chimpanzee named Chita. Launch Odity Central, Adie visited Chita for 4 consecutive years until the male chimpanzee was shunned by his herd. Other chimpanzees think Chita is not part of the herd. This made … Read more

This is the Forbidden Love Story Between Chimpanzees and Humans

Antwerp – Love it’s indiscriminate. But if it happened between a human and a chimpanzee, it can make seven rounds dizzy. That’s how Adie Timmermans felt. Reported from TMZ, this woman became one of the loyal visitors of the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium. Every week Adie would come to the zoo and hang out with … Read more

Scientists have recorded the first deadly attacks by chimpanzees on gorillas

The results of several years of observations of chimpanzees and gorillas in Gabon’s Loango National Park were published on Wednesday by the Max Planck Institute on its website. In Loang, which has been part of a chimpanzee research and observation project since 2005, scientists monitor and analyze the behavior of about 45 chimpanzees. “Until now, … Read more

Chimpanzees have organized themselves to kill gorillas: why?

In certain regions of Africa, chimpanzees live with gorillas. This is the case in Loango National Park, in Congo, for example. And since researchers at the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Germany) have been studying the behavior of chimpanzees in the wild in this park – that is to say for more than 15 years … Read more

Chimpanzees attack gorillas to death – Dagsavisen

When experts from Osnabrück University visited Loango National Park in Gabon to observe chimpanzees and gorillas in connection with a study, they were surprised by the findings. According to CNN The expert group witnessed two different episodes where chimpanzees and gorillas met. The chimpanzees began to attack and kill the gorillas. It has never before … Read more

Africa – Premiere: chimpanzees kill gorillas

Posted23 July 2021, 06:26 Coalition attacks of chimpanzees on small groups of gorillas have been observed in Gabon. Chimpanzee “troops” of up to 20 individuals attack smaller groups of gorillas. For the first time, chimpanzees attacking and killing gorillas have been observed in the wild. Researchers working in Loango National Park, Gabon, witnessed two deadly … Read more