Xiaomi launches a new Notebook with Intel 10th generation chip at a good price | Gadgets

If the apps telework have proliferated enormously in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic, not to mention how the use of laptops has skyrocketed for those cases of teleworking in which it is necessary to have with us all the tools to remain connected and operational. And it does not matter if we go … Read more

Xiaomi Mi 11: Dates, prices and rumors in specifications

At this point, no one doubts that the Mi 11 will have improvements in the sections of performance, design and set of cameras, key aspects to help the new Xiaomi phone be competitive for much of 2021. Now, the first rumors suggest that this could also be the first flagship of the company to implement … Read more

The agro sector fears being a “bargaining chip” in the ‘Brexit’ agreement

The meeting of Ana Martinez Vidal with the representatives of the agri-food sector to analyze the situation before the ‘Brexit’ served to put on the table the document with the proposals and claims received from the horticultural associations before the risk of an abrupt disagreement between the United Kingdom and EU. The Minister of Business … Read more

They manage to breach the security of the T2 chip of Mac computers with a modified USB Type-C cable

Researchers revealed that the T2 chip in Apple’s macOS computers can be compromised with just a modified USB cable. The Mac computers more recent are equipped with a security chip, known as T2, which protects the security of the device, but researchers have managed to develop a exploit for violate these protections using only one … Read more

UA students will have free registration

He Better advice from Atlantic University defined this Tuesday -during a virtual session- financial assistance for the payment of tuition for undergraduate students in a vulnerable condition in the second academic semester of 2020. They disclosed that This benefit will subsidize 100% of the tuition for students of all strata and the purpose is to … Read more

Faster Face ID, more battery and the importance of the U1 chip

During the weekend we have seen appear interesting rumors about the new iPhone 12, as well as the importance of the future and rumored HomePod mini. For the former, the novelties are focused on improvements in battery life, Face ID speed, as well as digital zoom. In the case of the second, the news revolves around the use of the U1 chip.

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Samsung Galaxy A with quantum chip: the mobile with the most secure encryption in the world | Smartphones

For a few years we have been hearing that quantum processors are going to revolutionize computer science and, therefore, the rest of the areas of technology in which they are used. These chips have the virtue of having an infinitely greater processing capacity than those of the current SoCs, so they will allow, among other … Read more

New MacBook: Apple prepares a 12-inch laptop with its A14X chip

According to a report from the China Times site, Apple’s first computer with its own chip will be a 12-inch MacBook, similar to a model that the company had launched in 2015. Apple prepare a new 12-inch MacBook which would also be the first to work with the A14X processor, a variant of the same … Read more

A chip to connect your brain with the computer – TL9 Technology, TL9 News (Clips)

Florencia Barbeira tells us about Neuralink, a project promoted by Elon Musk that aims to get brains to connect with a computer. Telenueve at Dawn, you will experience a new sunrise every morning. The magazine you were waiting for with all the information you need before leaving your home. With the conduction of Romina Lachmann … Read more

Hackers can now modify the Mac’s T2 security chip

Today 09:33 – Security experts confirmed that hackers can jailbreak Mac and MacBook computers which include Apple’s T2 security chips. The ‘jailbreak’ is a process by which some of the limitations of the devices disappear or are eliminated thanks to the use of modified ‘kernels’, that is, to making changes in the central core of … Read more