Microsoft’s Pluton chip won’t force everyone to upgrade to Windows 11 – it can be turned off

Released this year, PCs with the Microsoft Pluton security chip will be able to run other operating systems besides Windows 11. The open source community expressed fears that this initiative would allow Microsoft to limit users to only its new platform, but these fears did not materialize: as writes Techradar, new PCs not only support … Read more

It comes with the chip bubble and the $ 100 billion Intel plant

In addition to major expansions by TSMC and Samsung, Intel is also building huge factories, with some analysts already seeing the chip bubble burst. Intel announced last Friday that it is willing to spend as much as $ 100 billion to spend in Ohio build it the world’s largest chip-making complex. As electronics manufacturers around … Read more

Intel’s expensive solution to the international chip shortage

Foto: Intel Corporation. US integrated circuit manufacturing company Intel has recently announced plans to build two new “state-of-the-art” chip factories in Licking, USA, which will mark “the largest single investment by the private sector in the history of Ohio”. The construction of the factories foresees an initial investment of more than 20,000 million dollars and … Read more

Intel will build two new chip plants in Ohio. He invests $ 20 billion in them

According to Reuters, Intel chief Pat Gelsinger also said today that the company continues to develop its chip production capacities in Europe. He hoped that Intel would announce where it would build new European plants in the coming months. The company said in September that it could invest up to $ 95 billion in Europe … Read more

The white plate of the vehicle will be installed with a chip, the police explain its function

Jakarta – The black license plate will be replaced white plate. Not only that, the white plate will also be installed later chip in the form of radio frequency identification (RFID). “Chip It is true that there will be in the future, especially now that it is Revolution 4.0,” said Director General of the National … Read more

Intel enters cryptocurrency mining, the company has announced its own Bonanza Mine mining chip

Illustration photo (by BenjaminNelan / Pixabay)–Source: BenjaminNelan / Pixabay) Intel is preparing its own ASIC for Bitcoin mining. For a long time, he left the profit from the cryptocurrencies to others, but now he could put competition to companies like Bitmain. It’s scary, but the cryptocurrency has been so high for years that not only … Read more

It’s official: Samsung introduces the first smartphone chip with AMD ray tracing GPU

After a series of leaks and hundreds of rumours, Samsung officially announced the Exyonos 2200, a new mobile processor for smartphones that promises to be the first to include a GPU with AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics architecture. This new processor comes at a crucial time, where it seeks to stand up to Qualcomm’s most powerful … Read more

Even Musk went to Mozambique to buy graphite!Tesla co-founder warns: Electric car batteries will reproduce the “chip shortage” problem | TechOrange Technology Report Orange

Tesla co-founder warned that although electric car sales will take off, battery production capacity may not keep pace, and the same drama as the chip shortage may be staged because the key materials for electric car batteries now come from China and South Korea and other Asia nation. Is the semiconductor shortage likely to repeat … Read more

Redmi K50 Gaming smartphone may get Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip and 120Hz display

Xiaomi will soon announce the Redmi K50 family of smartphones. This series will include the base model, the Redmi K50 Pro version and the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition modification. The characteristics of the latter were at the disposal of network sources. The official presentation of the Redmi K50 family of devices will take place next … Read more