The Chinese have created a refrigerator for quantum chips

The device resembles a container with three storage chambers. It is equipped with a smart monitoring system that maintains an ideal environment for storing quantum developments. Appearance of the refrigerator for chips. Photo: Hefei Origin Quantum Computing Technology The Quantum Computing Research Center in China’s Anhui Province unveiled a refrigerator for quantum chips. The device … Read more

A successful return for the Niort motorcycle chips

After 3 years of absence due to sanitary conditions, the motorcycle chips of Niort have reinvested the Noron exhibition center this Saturday 18 and this Sunday 19 March. This 35th edition is a success. Between 30,000 and 40,000 visitors made the trip to the delight of the organizers. Spare parts, motorcycles and souvenirs “It brings … Read more

Gigabyte Aero 14 and Aero 16 get update with modern chips and Pantone branding

Gigabyte renews its laptops for creative professionals. Both the Aero 14 and the larger Aero 16 are getting an update. Gigabyte puts the latest processors from Intel in its laptops. Both the Gigabyte Aero 14 and Aero 16 now come with 13th generation (Raptor Lake) Core CPUs. Gigabyte also opts for new internals on the … Read more

Kale chips – Geo Plein Air

Adobe Stock This is a real version of health chips. Donne 4 portions 350 g de chou kale Seasoning: 15 ml d’huile d’olive 15ml tamari or soy sauce 5 ml sesame oil or walnut oil 1 dash of tabasco A pinch of ground ginger Salt to taste Preheat the oven to 300°F. Wash the kale … Read more

Neuralink: FDA rejected request to test brain chips in humans

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States rejected the request for Neuralink to begin human trials of their brain chips Developing. Despite repeated assertions by its CEO, Elon Musk, the prospects that the brain-computer interface (BCI) startup Neuralink bring a product to market remain distant, according to a new report from Reuters. … Read more

A young woman went to court because of a packet of chips; Video circulated on social media

What’s wrong with a packet of chips or a few fries? So what could happen? To think that a silly chip has taken a young Australian woman to court. The incident seems interesting, but the young woman is in a state of confusion over the chips. 42-year-old Charlotte Harrison lives in Adelaide, Australia. One day, … Read more

The Czechs managed to solve the lack of chips. The creators of Trezor decided to encapsulate them themselves

Autor: SatoshiLabs Czech society SatoshiLabs has, like many other companies, found itself in a problematic situation associated with a lack of chips. There was a threat of significant problems with the supply of Trezor crypto wallets, which SatoshiLabs is developing. The chip supplier STMicroelectronics has extended delivery times from the original 12 to 90 weeks. … Read more

Linux 6.2 adds support for Apple’s M1 chips

Linux 6.2 was released just yesterday. In addition to its many novelties, its creator, Linus Torvalds, has highlighted the launch of this latest version as a transcendental achievement for the operating system. The reason is clear, and it is that, after several headaches, the developers have managed to bring the system to Mac computers with … Read more

Apple has drastically reduced its order of chips from TSMC

TSMC is a “small” semiconductor factory that you may have heard of. The guys there make the chips for companies like Apple, NVIDIA and Qualcomm and that gives them the leading position in this field. And Apple’s orders account for a quarter of all factory-made chips, meaning there’s a lot of money in the middle … Read more