Is this year’s ‘washing funk’ approaching 30兆… The government “depends on the situation in the second half of the year”

In the first three months of this year, national tax revenues were 24 trillion won less than a year ago. Analysts say that a large-scale tax revenue punk is inevitable this year as the economic slump and asset market slump overlap. However, depending on the pace of economic recovery, the possibility of making up for … Read more

Consumers who turned their backs after raising movie prices and delivery fees… Changed scenery due to economic recession and high prices

Although recovery to daily life before the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) is underway, Korean theaters are still groaning at the sluggish number of audiences. This is a phenomenon that cannot be explained only by the popularity of unreleased masterpieces and global online video platforms (OTT) such as Netflix. Consumers point to the rapidly rising … Read more

The magic word ‘secondary battery’… Kitchenware makers also saw their stock prices skyrocket upon the announcement that they were “preparing for business.”

KOSDAQ-listed company famous for household electric grills Zaigle (234920) The stock price hit an all-time high on the 29th. The share price, which was around 4,000 won until the beginning of this month, reached 20,000 won on the 29th. After Zaigl’s stock price skyrocketed for a short period of time, the Korea Exchange designated it … Read more

Mirae Asset, water used as Naver investment… 560 billion won valuation loss last year alone

Last year, the stock market slump caused operating profits of securities companies to plunge, and some securities companies’ valuation losses on listed companies also affected their performance. The stock exchange with the largest equity capital Mirae Asset Securities (006800)recorded a loss of over 570 billion won from investments in listed companies. In particular, the Naver … Read more

[중견기업 해부] JYP, after failing to enter the US, transformed into a ‘Governance Excellence Student’

JYP Entertainment (JYP Ent.(035900)) is the recently emerged SM (SM (041510)) is attracting attention as a ‘Governance Excellence Student’ in the midst of a dispute over management rights. Last year, the company recorded record-high sales, and improved business performance, showing that it is making full-fledged entry into new businesses. Last year, JYP recorded sales of … Read more

“There is no off season”… 1st Quarter K-Pop Girl Group Comeback Competition

In the first quarter of this year, K-pop album sales and the number of concert guests are expected to increase significantly compared to the previous year. The first quarter is considered an off-season for the entertainment industry, but the fact that artists’ world tours became more active had a big impact. As 2nd to 4th … Read more

Hyundai Motor fails to invest in British startups… 100 billion won wasted

Hyundai Motor (005380)invested in Arrival, a British commercial electric vehicle company, and suffered a loss of 100 billion won. According to Hyundai Motor Company’s business report on the 17th, Hyundai Motor Company significantly lowered the book value of its 1.99% stake in Arrival from 103.626 billion won to 2.656 billion won. Hyundai Motor Company said, … Read more

“22 billion → 11.7 billion won” unilateral dividend reduction…Proliferation of opposition from Youngone Holdings shareholders

The holding company of Youngone Trading, which conducts original equipment manufacturing (OEM) business for American outdoor brand North Face, etc. Youngone Trading Holdings (009970)changed its policy two years after it disclosed its 2020 mid- to long-term dividend policy. According to this new dividend policy, the dividend income that shareholders receive will be reduced to half … Read more

“I need a lot of support”… Despite the recession, construction of semiconductor factories in Europe and the US continues

Infineon, a German semiconductor company, announced that it would invest 5 billion euros (about 7 trillion won), the largest since its establishment, to build a power semiconductor plant in Dresden, Germany. The photo shows a blueprint for a semiconductor plant that will start construction this fall and operate in 2026. /Infineon Global semiconductor companies are … Read more

“Samsung Securities, believed to be conservative, has quite a lot of real estate PF”…Investor’s sense

As soon as he retired from Samsung executives in 2019, he spent most of his severance pay to buy stocks in Samsung Securities. This is because Samsung Securities’ annual dividend rate is high at more than 4%, and unexpected losses are expected to be small due to the conservative nature of Samsung Securities. However, Kim’s … Read more