The fight on the seafront in Lignano between about seventy boys: what happened and what we know

A frame from the video recorded by one of the residents A 20-year-old was found with various traumas not far away: he was hit several times with his bare hands and perhaps with the use of a stick. In the fight, knives and shards of bottles appear Viviana Zamarian July 10, 2022 LIGNANO. A few … Read more

Two cousins ​​died in the accident, the investor accused of road murder sentenced to seven years

The arrival in court of Dimitre Traykov The sentence was not welcomed by the relatives of the victims. The grandmother: “It’s not fair, two little girls have died and seven years is not a sufficient sentence”. The mother of one of the victims: “Three and a half years for a life …” PORDENONE. Dimitre Traykov, … Read more

Portanova, the diaries that accuse the player. The victim to a friend: never group sex

Portanova in Siena before the court First preliminary hearing in Siena against the Genoa midfielder, his cousin Alessio Langella and his friend Alessandro Capiello. A chat prior to the alleged rape between the girl and a well-known rocker has been filed. Request for confrontation rejected Tommaso Fregatti June 22, 2022 Siena – «I would never … Read more

Riot officers deployed in Quinto, yet another fight between youth gangs foiled

Mobile police Safety plan after the clashes on Friday. Aggression to Nervi: stuck with the taser. The policemen, with helmets and batons, were ready to intervene. Residents: “It is proof that the permanent garrison is now indispensable” Danilo D’Anna, Matteo Sacco June 19, 2022 Genoa – They went from one bathhouse to another, then got … Read more

Codroipo, Castellani confesses the crime: he killed his wife with dozens of stab wounds in the neck and chest

CODROIPO. Paolo Castellani, 44, born in San Vito al Tagliamento and resident in Codroipo, confessed to the murder of his 40-year-old wife Elisabetta Molaro. “In the presence of the defense lawyer – the Public Prosecutor of Udine said – the man was subjected to interrogation and admitted his responsibility and reconstructed in detail the moments … Read more

That last message from Liliana to Sterpin while she was at the spa with her husband: “See you tomorrow, my love”

TRIESTE. “Relaxing thinking about tomorrow, my love.” A message sent by Liliana to Claudio Sterpin at 12.56 on 13 December, the day before her disappearance, reinforces the position of those who do not believe in the hypothesis that the 63-year-old has taken her own life. How can a person write a message of that nature … Read more

He tries to stab the ex-girlfriend who wanted to leave him: “She is the devil”

A thrilling déjà-vu in Veneto: in ’99 he killed his then-partner in the same way laura berlinghieri 12 Maggio 2022 PADOVA. He beat her to death, hitting her repeatedly with slaps and punches, before stabbing her in the back, preventing her from defending herself. Now Stefano Fattorelli – warehouseman, fifty years old, originally from Caprino … Read more

Woman stabbed in Padua, the call from the ex to a friend: “Help me, I just made a bullshit”

The victim was beaten before the slash in the back. Fattorelli, stopped after three hours, immediately after the attack called an acquaintance Cristina Genesin 12 Maggio 2022 PADOVA. “Help me, I screwed up.” It is Tuesday afternoon when Stefano Fattorelli, his hands still stained with blood, calls a friend on his cell phone. The carabinieri … Read more

Crime of Quinto, the psychiatrist Di Giannantonio: “Calling the police is not enough, we need a psychiatric emergency room”

Alberto Scagni Silvia Pedemonte 02 Maggio 2022 Genova – “There is a key issue: has the request for an action that cannot be postponed been communicated by parents, relatives, neighbors, forces to the bodies in charge?” Because if in such cases I ask for help from the police, the police, but there is no activation … Read more

Ceranesi, tragedy on the Scarpino track: motocross champion dies crushed by the van

Marco Speroni was 59 years old and was passionate about motocross Marco Speroni, 59, lost his life instantly under the eyes of his girlfriend. He gave up the brake of the vehicle Marco Fagandini, Tommaso Fregatti April 20, 2022 Genoa – Ceranesi, Scarpino locality, 11.30 am, “Pro Park” motocross track. Sergio Parodi and his friend … Read more