Myrka Dellanos describes her lifestyle in the face of chronic illness

August 24, 2020 – 17:08 12 years ago Myrka Dellanos said in an interview that she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. After that, the journalist adopted a healthy lifestyle MIAMI.- Even though the journalist Myrka Dellanos suffers from gestational diabetes, in her social networks she appears increasingly slimmer and with a healthy appearance. 12 years … Read more

Young Muslim woman was shaved and savagely beaten for falling in love with a Christian | Chronicle

A 17 year old muslim teenager of Bosnian origin was shaved and brutally beaten this Monday for their relatives, because had a loving relationship with a Christian. The young woman, who lives in the French city of Besançon, and whose name did not transcend, arrived from Bosnia-Herzegovina about two years ago together with her family. … Read more

Coronavirus, ‘You dance, we here’, the outburst on Fb of a nurse – Chronicle

‘Come and tell me that everything is ok, that there is none coviddi, that tonight we are dancing. Meanwhile, at 30 degrees and with a slimming center suit we were there, not you ‘. This is the outburst of a nurse from the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome Marco Bellafiore who in a post on … Read more

Alberto di Monaco in Rimini, a royal parade PHOTO – Chronicle

Albert of Monaco in Rimini (photo Petrangeli) Rimini, 11 August 2020 – First al Glow, then to the Galli theater and then to the new Part museum in Piazza Cavour. A royal parade for Prince Albert of Monaco in the historic center of Rimini. At the end of the tour, before moving to the Grand … Read more

There remains a murder mystery of Viviana, today the autopsy – Chronicle

The autopsy ordered by the Prosecutor’s Office of Patti on the body of DJ Viviana Parisi, whose body was found three days ago in the countryside of Caronia after five days of her disappearance with her four-year-old son Gioele, could be postponed for a few hours or even in the afternoon. which has not yet … Read more

The University at the first ‘exam’: Medicine – Chronicle

by Francesco Zuppiroli The University is preparing for the first dance of a new academic year. After the post-Covid revolution and the months spent in smart-learning, in fact, the national admission test to degree courses in Medicine will represent the first appointment in the presence of a new course, putting not only the students to … Read more

With 965 new coronavirus infections, the City exceeded 60,000 cases | Chronicle

A total of 11 dead and 965 new cases of coronavirus were notified on Saturday in the City of Buenos Aires, which raised 1,296 total deaths and 60,817 infected since the beginning of the pandemic last March, reported the Ministry of Health porteño. The case fatality rate -percentage of deaths on positive diagnoses- of the … Read more

Pedophilia, videos and photos online with very young children: nine reported – Chronicle

Police post Florence, August 1, 2020 – Nine people have been reported for the crimes of disclosure, transfer and possession of child pornography and for instigation to aggravate crime. The investigation was completed by police post, coordinated by the deputy attorney of Florence Luca Tescaroli. The searches were carried out on July 28th. The investigation, … Read more

“We will come out of the pandemic for medicine and live a later normality” – The Chronicle of Today

“We will come out of the pandemic for medicine and we will live a later normality” Only until there is a vaccine or drugs against COVID-19 will we return to normal, Jaime Labastida says in an interview. Confirms participation of the publisher Siglo XXI in the FIL of Guadalajara. “People are saying: the world will … Read more

Carabinieri arrested: Orlando, in 30 years never a penalty – Chronicle

“In 30 years I have never had a disciplinary sanction, how do you think you can feel?” So Marshal Marco Orlando, commander of the Levante station in Piacenza, replied to the reporters at the exit of the Court. The marshal, explained his lawyer Antonio Nicoli, made use of the right not to answer before the … Read more