Chuck throws a spear over 82 meters and wins his ninth victory of the season

In the “Kladno hazi a kladnesko memorialy” competition, Kladno won with a result of 82.19 meters, winning the ninth season, but Madara Palameika took the fifth place in the women’s competition, reports the Latvian Athletics Union (LVS). Content will continue after the ad Advertising In the men’s competition, Chaksh started with a 78.75 meter long … Read more

VIDEO: Scratch film legend Chuck Norris threatens Alexander Lukashenko

“Hello everyone, here is Chuck Norris. I would like to say a few words to Sasha with the nicknames ‘Sasha zero percent’ and ‘Mr. Tarakan.’ and says, “Therefore, if you do not stop doing what you are doing, I will come to one of your residences and make you cry.” Related news PHOTO: Thousands of … Read more

VIDEO. Chuck Norris threatens Lukashenko: “If you don’t stop doing what you’re doing, I’ll go to you and make you cry!”

The situation in Belarus is tense The star of the digger Chuck Norris, which most viewers know from the role in the series “Texas Ranger”, filmed a video threatening the current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. In the short video, the actor said that if Lukashenko did not stop doing what he was doing now, … Read more