THE BALL – RB Bragantino de Caixinha is eliminated and misses the meeting with Abel Ferreira in the Paulistão final (Brazil)

RB Bragantino, owned by Pedro Caixinha, failed to qualify for the final of the São Paulo championship, where Palmeiras already was. The club lost on penalties to Água Santa, the surprise team of this championship, which will be in the final for the first time. Água Santa won on penalties by 4-2, after a 1-1 … Read more

Watch the highlights of the cinema in the maximum resolution of the Samsung Neo QLED 8K – Samsung Newsroom India

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the Neo QLED 8K increases the resolution of the content to approximately 8K, offering a truly immersive experience. The beginning of the year is a very busy time for the film industry, since the main awards in the sector are held for the selection of the best productions of 2022. This … Read more

Saulius Baradinskas entered the best film school in Hollywood: tuition fee – 200,000 euros | Names

This is the best film school in the USA, famous not only for its famous students – directors such as David Lynch, Daren Aronofsky and others have graduated from this film school, but also for the achievements of its students, who have already won 31 Oscars and have been nominated as many as 150 times. … Read more

Participatory cinema, a vegetable butchery and a trip to Vieillistan –

Hello and welcome to Suisse Good! Christophe Schenk – Journalist RTS info It’s spring! And yes, this year, it starts on March 20, at 10:24 p.m., to be precise. And arrives rather in phase with the blue sky and the sun. The occasion of listen to the well named again The Colour of Spring de … Read more

THE BALL – Portugal crushes Hungary and takes third place in the European (Futsal)

Portugal thrashed, this Sunday, Hungary, by 12-0, and was in third place in the European women’s futsal. After defeating Spain (2-3), two-time champions, in the semi-finals, the team crushed the hosts with goals from Gabriella Kota, Carla Vanessa (3), Sara Ferreira, Lídia Moreira, Carolina Rocha (2), Fifó (2), Janice Silva and Pisko. After the silver … Read more

Murders in Pont-Aven on France 3: what is this police TV movie worth with Alexandre Brasseur (Tomorrow belongs to us)? – Cinema news

France 3 broadcasts this Saturday evening “Meurtres à Pont-Aven”, its new detective television film carried by the duo Alexandre Brasseur and Astrid Roos which takes us into the rainy landscapes of Brittany. What is it about ? Suzanne Saroc, a painter, was burned alive in her studio twenty years ago. An accident whose story will … Read more

Who was that breathtaking beauty on the Oscars red carpet?

There weren’t many surprises at this year’s Oscars, and after last year’s slap in the face, luckily this time the most famous awards ceremony in the film world ended without a hitch. By the way, the most interesting moments of which could be caught at the after-parties held at different locations during the procession and … Read more

Cinema professionals visit the studio of the Hiba Foundation in Casablanca

Cinema professionals visited, on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the recording and production studio of the Hiba Foundation and Uzine in Casablanca to immerse themselves in innovations and glimpse partnerships. The visit concerned the recording and rehearsal studios, the artists’ residences, the meeting rooms and the administrative offices of the production house of the Hiba Foundation … Read more

G. Kukta: what not to miss in “Kino pavasari” so that you don’t have to bite your nails afterwards? | Culture

This time, I have selected seven that have been overlooked or mentioned less often in the stream of recommendations flooding social spaces. From masters to talented debutants. From documentary to horror. From 16mm film to videotapes. For those who do not like to walk on well-trodden paths. Some of the films will not return to … Read more