Sharp clarification of Cinthia Fernandez Mariano Iúdica, by what stick? to Telefe: “On that channel also spent”

Little by little, they get to know the results of the swabs of the celebrities who were playing The price is right (Telefe). Already testearon the figures then that part of the team and its driver, Lizy Taglianito give positive. After that Bethlehem French and Miguel Angel Cherutti tell them that they have coronavirus, after … Read more

Cinthia Fernández’s reaction when Ángel named Baclini in front of his daughters: “No, they love him”

Cinthia Fernández provided a live phone to Los Angeles de la Mañana and she starred in a very funny moment with her adorable daughters Charis, Beautiful and Francesca. While the girls wanted to hear what they were saying from the studio with their headphones, one of them asked “who is it?” and Cinthia replied: “It’s … Read more

Cinthia Fernández shared the strange snack that her daughters created to snack on in quarantine

Like many moms, Cinthia Fernández she manages to ensure that her daughters maintain a healthy and balanced diet. She personally supervises the girls’ menu and cares that they have everything they need to grow up healthy and strong. Of course, devising the menu is simple but getting them to comply, quite complicated. On his Instagram … Read more

The intimate confession of Cinthia Fernández, after their separation: “I have not had relationships for four months”

At the end of July last year, Martin Baclini ended his courtship with Cinthia Fernández. However, the relationship between them continued in harmony until their participation in the Super Dancing, in late November. Each one on his side in the labor and intimate plane, in December, the panelist of THE M He still declared his … Read more

Strong public denunciation of Cinthia Fernández against Baclini ?: “My email was hacked, what’s wrong, is there fear?”

For several weeks, Cinthia Fernández has opened up countless fronts of battle in the media, not just against his ex-boyfriend Martin Baclini, but also against his current girlfriend, Agustina Agazzani, with some of her colleagues from Los Angeles de la Mañana, and even with a neighbor of the country in which he lives. In the … Read more

“I don’t want them to know …”: Martn Baclini lied to us all this time. Unforgivable!

Martin Baclinihe has no respite, or perhaps he is not interested. For weeks he has been involved in one scandal after another, and they all involve his ex. It seems that with the “Dancing” around the corner,the mediticohe doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to go out on camera. Related news As is known, the … Read more

“If it comes out it kills me, I can’t be living this”

The scandal Baclini–Fernandez keep giving cloth to cut. Today Cinthia was in direct communication with Morning angels and surprised everyone by showing live private conversations that would demonstrate the businessman’s jealousy. Days ago, the panelist had told that the businessman was extremely jealous of her when they were in a couple, especially in relation to … Read more

In the midst of the scandal with Cinthia Fernández, Martín Baclini made an unexpected warning

In the past few weeks, the cordial relationship he had achieved with Cinthia Fernández after their separation it became a constant struggle to see who is right and who is not. TV shows and social media are now a permanent battleground where everyone plays their cards but apparently for Baclini everything has end. The businessman … Read more

Tense crossing of Marina Calabró with Baclini when she refused to talk about Cinthia Fernández: “You are kidding us”

After the strong accusations he made Cinthia Fernández against Martin Baclini, the businessman made the decision not to refer to his ex anymore. “I don’t want to talk about Cinthia anymore because it’s been part of my past a long time ago. I finish the topic here,” said the man from Rosario. City, before going … Read more

Scandal! They filter some very hard audios that Martín Baclini sent to Cinthia Fernández

Martín Baclini andCinthia FernándezThey were one of the most mediatic couples in the country. Many of their discussions ended up being made public and commented by thousands of people on social networks. The timing of the breakup was no different in that regard, quite the contrary,Cinthiaand Martín revealed many private details that ended up being … Read more