Beware, Popular “Laser Circumcision” Turns Dangerous All – Circumcision laser has recently become a popular term. However, the term “circumcision lasers ”circulating in society are actually confused. This was explained by Dr. Mahdian Nur Nasution, SpBS. It is founder Rumah Sunat dr Mahdian. “Term laser sound what we often hear is wearing electrocauterhot plates, no sinar laser actually,” said Mahdian at … Read more

Dollar in Peru | Exchange rate closed down despite a negative global outlook | BCR | SBS | Ocona | rmmn | ECONOMY

The price of the dollar in Peru closed lower on Thursday, in the face of a negative global outlook, due to investors’ concern about the impact that interest rate hikes may have on the deteriorating world economy. The exchange rate ended at S/ 3,753, a slight decrease of 0.37% compared to Wednesday’s close at S/ … Read more

Dollar in Peru | Dollar closed higher after increase in the BCR reference rate | SBS | Sunat | BCR | Ocona | rmmn | ECONOMY

The price of the dollar in Peru closed higher on Friday, after the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR) raised its reference interest rate to 5%, a maximum of 13 years. The exchange rate ended at S/ 3,788 per dollar, an advance of 0.74% compared to Thursday’s close at S/ 3,760, according to data from … Read more

Dollar in Peru | Exchange rate closed higher due to a possible higher rate hike by the Fed | SBS | Sunat | BCR | Ocona | rmmn | ECONOMY

Lima, 05/06/2022 02:02 pm | Updated 06/05/2022 02:08 pm The price of the dollar in Peru closed higher on Friday, after better-than-expected labor data in the United States fueled concerns that the Fed may have to raise rates more than expected to contain inflation. The exchange rate ended at S/ 3,814 per dollar, an advance … Read more

Dollar in Peru | Dollar climbs to S/ 3,861 due to uncertainty due to constituent and conflicts in Las Bambas | Sunat | BCR | Ocona | rmmn | ECONOMY

Lima, 28/04/2022 10:08 am | Updated 4/28/2022 10:11 am The price of the dollar in Peru opened with a strong rise on Thursday, with local markets worried about a constituent assembly and the suggestion of the governing party, Peru Libre, to establish a price control. The exchange rate is trading at S/ 3,861 per dollar … Read more

Circumcision, The Adampour Family | Circumcision for dinner

The comments expresses the writer’s opinions. Like several others, I react to the attitudes and mindsets behind circumcision of boys. Now NRK has made something that can look like a Norwegian version of The Kardashians, called The Adampour family. Episode five talks about circumcision of Fiona’s son, and this is supposed to be family entertainment. … Read more

Supreme Court overturns illegal issue of holiday package prizes behind circumcision, Edhy Prabowo’s verdict

Jakarta – The Supreme Court (MA) dismissed the illegal issue of holiday package gratification behind the circumcision verdict Edhy Prabowo from 9 years in prison to 5 years in prison. The Supreme Court explained that the Supreme Court justices and MA employees had indeed scheduled a joint vacation long before Edhy Prabowo’s verdict. “The information … Read more

At least thirty South African boys died after circumcision ritual

penis transplant Some boys even lose their entire genitals due to complications from traditional circumcision. In 2015, South African doctors said that for the first time in history, they a successful penis transplant performed on a boy who had suffered such complications three years earlier. Also in 2017 In South Africa, a penis transplant was … Read more

Circumcision has many benefits, this is the explanation of the surgeon at Siloam Hospital

loading… BEKASI – Apart from being required from a religious point of view, from a medical point of view call or circumcision turns out to have many benefits. General surgeon from Siloam Hospitals throughout Jaya Bekasi, Dr. Taufik Azis explained that with circumcision, a person will avoid several diseases. “Circumcision reduces the risk of infection … Read more

Fact Check, Does Circumcision Lower the Risk of Getting HIV? : Okezone Lifestyle

APPARENTLY HIV infection needs public attention. The cases continue to increase, the World Health Organization (WHO) as of July 2021 alone recorded 36.3 million cases globally. To date HIV there is no cure. That is, people are asked to carry out a lifestyle in the hope of reducing the risk factors for HIV transmission. In … Read more