WC hockey 2023 | Circus! I don’t recognize the World Cup without the Russians, says the winner of the Golden Hockey Stick. Vůjtek would release players from the KHL

“Does anyone really enjoy this topic anymore? What is this good for? It’s a circus and nothing else. I do not recognize the world championship without the Russians. This is not the World Cup. Are they? They are not!” says the 62-year-old former forward Igor Liba, who won two medals at the Olympic Games and … Read more

Police are investigating the Mascotte scam circus, it does not exist

Brazen fraudsters even approached the Hodonín town hall with a request to rent a plot of land for the construction of a marquee. But before the officials prepared the contract, the fictitious artists disappeared better than a real magician in the arena could. Even the bosses of the former circus association had never heard of … Read more

the circus is over, the shine is off’

‘It seems that the curtain has fallen on Boris Johnson as political leader,’ writes Lia van Bekhoven from London. ‘A few months ago the former prime minister seemed to have a chance to regain his place in Downing Street, that door closed this week.’ Boris Johnson himself has not changed, but the tide has turned. … Read more

“Lielais dzintars” has started an international project to popularize contemporary music and circus among young people

As a result, at the beginning of 2024, it is planned to create a mobile interdisciplinary contemporary music performance with circus elements, intended for a young audience aged 12 to 18, informs the project’s communication manager Andra Strautiņa. The show will be created by joining forces with circus and theater artists from Norway and Iceland, … Read more

A breathtaking video.. This is how a circus performer fell after her hoop betrayed her

In an indescribable terrifying scene, a circus performer fell from a height of more than 5 meters, while presenting a performance, in a scene that shook Mexico. The girl hit the ground hard as people screamed at a circus in the eastern city of Tampico in front of crowds. According to the information, the player, … Read more

Tusk with an appeal to Morawiecki. “You can say it’s a circus, but it’s not funny”

– Mr. Morawiecki, the prime minister’s job is to issue orders to ministers, not to negotiate with them for a long time – Donald Tusk addressed the prime minister “You can’t convince anyone that someone else is to blame, that the money isn’t there. End this dispute. The entire opposition will not interfere and will … Read more

New Year’s Concert Rome, over 80,000 people at the Circus Maximus

Between 50,000 and 60,000 were expected, but in the end 70,000 people attended the New Year’s concert organized at the Circus Maximus, the initiative wanted by the Municipality to celebrate the restart after the stop to major events linked to the pandemic COVID-19. The number was rattled off by Alessandro Onorato, Capitoline councilor for Major … Read more