Russian military intensifies artillery fire aimed at suppressing Bakhmut until 9th ​​= Ukrainian military executives | Reuters

On May 7, Ukrainian Army Commander Shirsky (pictured) said Russian forces had intensified their shelling of the key Bakhmut town in the eastern Donetsk region and “still hoped to keep it under control until May 9.” Photographed in Soledar, Donetsk region in January. Provided by the Ukrainian military (2023 Reuters) (Reuters) – Ukrainian Army Commander … Read more

Angle: Serious shortage of prosthetists and orthotists in need due to increase in Ukrainian war wounds | Reuters

LONDON/KYIV (Reuters) – Wounded soldiers are constantly being brought in to a clinic in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv that specializes in prosthetics and orthotics. It is a scene that makes us keenly aware of the human loss caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Both countries keep their military casualty figures strictly confidential. A clinic in … Read more

Focus: Will the war situation change, Ukraine will strengthen the development of ‘domestic drones’ | Reuters

KYIV (Reuters) – A modest industrial park in northern Ukraine. Engineers led by two former Microsoft executives are building military drones that can fly long distances and carry heavy payloads. To fill a large gap with Russia, the Ukrainian government says it is expanding its drone program for both long-range reconnaissance and striking enemy targets. … Read more

Ukrainian president refrains from interfering in internal affairs, Georgia prime minister | Reuters

On March 13, Georgian Prime Minister Garibashvili (pictured) urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to refrain from interfering in internal affairs. FILE PHOTO: Berlin, September 2023. REUTERS/Christian Mang (Reuters) – Georgian Prime Minister Garibashvili on Wednesday urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky not to interfere in his country’s internal affairs. Zelensky thanked protesters for raising the Ukrainian … Read more

1.27 million protesters across France oppose pension reform | Reuters

Large-scale protests took place across France against the government’s proposed pension reform. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes [パリ 31日 ロイター] – Large-scale protests were held across France on the 31st against the government’s plan to reform the pension system. A total of 1,272,000 people took part in the protests across the country, according to the Interior Ministry. A … Read more

Concern about US conflict on the West Bank Call for calm | Reuters

Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the White House National Security Council (NSC), said on Monday that the United States was deeply concerned about the exchange of attacks between Israel and Gaza, and that all parties were on board. He said immediate action was needed to defuse the situation. Reuters/Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters/Evelyn Hockstein [ワシントン 27日 ロイター] – … Read more

NATO deploys reconnaissance aircraft to Romania to monitor Russian military activities | Reuters

On January 17, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) deployed early warning and control aircraft “AWACS” to an air force base near Bucharest, Romania, to strengthen the defense posture of Eastern European member countries and to monitor the activities of Russian forces. bottom. FILE PHOTO: NATO headquarters in Brussels October 2021. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol [ブカレスト 17日 … Read more

Angle: Iran strengthens repression, pointing out that ‘more anger builds up’ | Reuters

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iranian authorities hanged protesters to reveal bodies hanging from cranes. In the months since protests against the government broke out, feared people seem to have disappeared from the streets. Iranian authorities hanged protesters to reveal bodies suspended from cranes. In the months since protests against the government broke out, feared people seem … Read more

Space X “Starlink” operates about 100 terminals in Iran = Mr. Mask | Reuters

On the 26th, US businessman Elon Musk tweeted that the number of satellite communication terminals operating in Iran for the satellite-based Internet connection service “Starlink” of the space development company SpaceX, which he leads, was nearing 100. clarified above. The photo shows the Falcon 9 rocket launching with the Starlink satellite. FILE PHOTO: Cape Canaveral, … Read more

Angle: Peru’s former president arrested, socially vulnerable anger and deepening cracks | Reuters

LIMA (Reuters) – Farmer Leopoldo Huamani, 60, traveled three days from Charhuanca in southern Peru to the capital, Lima. And he joined a demonstration in support of former President Castillo, who was arrested and detained on treason charges. On December 18, Leopoldo Huamani, a farmer, traveled three days from Charhuanca in southern Peru to Lima, … Read more