Cancelo clarifies the fact that he moved to Bayern: It has nothing to do with Guardiola

The Portuguese, Joao Cancelo, the former Manchester City player, loaned to Bayern Munich, explained that his transfer to the latter was not due to problems between him and his former Spanish coach, Pep Guardiola. On Tuesday, the German club announced its contract with the Portuguese full-back on loan from Manchester City, with the preference to … Read more

Let’s get it full! Taiwanese actress An Yu Ching clears 6 points, clarifies the incident of police extortion. Emphasize, “I don’t want to be discredited” (with clip)

On this day (Jan. 31), Taiwanese actress An Yuqing came out for an interview with media groups in Taiwan. SETN,TBS,NextTV Etc. Clarify the case that she was charged by the Thai police while traveling in Thailand earlier this year. An Yuqing reiterated to the media that She came out for an interview with the media … Read more

The official “Gancelo” wears a Bayern shirt and clarifies the reason for leaving the sailboat | Thaiger Thai news

Joao Cancelo Launched as a new member with the club. Bayern Munich official after moving from Manchester City On loan with an option to buy in the summer Discussion reveals that he wants to make history and clarifies the reasons for leaving the sailboat. After Bayern Munich, the German Bundesliga powerhouse announced the signing of … Read more

Washington clarifies that Musk met with the Biden administration to discuss the inflation reduction law

Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with White House Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta and infrastructure coordinator Mitch Landreau to discuss how the company will work with the Biden administration to ramp up electric vehicle production and grow the electric vehicle industry in the United States. “I can confirm that Mitch Landrieu and John Podesta … Read more

Types of alopecia affecting women, the expert clarifies

Alopecia, i.e progressive hair lossis also widespread among women and it is thought that just over 10% of the female population has to deal with this situation. To follow the daily Health Pill “What types of alopecia can affect women”, click and listen here Alopecia in women, because it appears in menopause (and beyond) It … Read more

Big The Star clarifies the source of the championship, but stays in the condo for 3 months, the contest is completed, the money is less than 300

Big The Star tells the story behind the drama The Star. Reached the championship but had no money to give. How much is it worth living in a condo for 3 months? As for this year, adjusted to 1 year, receiving after the contest the remaining money is less than 300 baht. There is quite … Read more

After all, are the ascendants part of the household? tax authorities clarifies

OTaxpayers must update the household until the 15th of February, but do you know if the ancestors are included? The Tax Authority (AT) clarifies that no. “Are the ascendants part of the household? Do not. For IRS purposes, parents or grandparents – ‘descendants’ – even if they live in the same house are not part … Read more

Goldman Sachs clarifies its forecasts for inflation and interest rates in the eurozone

Goldman Sachs In a note published early Thursday, the economists of the famous US investment bank Goldman Sachs canceled their previous predictions about the possibility of a recession in the eurozone economy, as Goldman Sachs now expects the region to avoid a recession this year. Goldman Sachs’ predictions came today, after the bank expected a … Read more

Building bonuses and date by which to complete the works, the multi-channel Assistance of the Revenue clarifies

The Multichannel Assistance Section of the Venice Revenue Agency resolves a much debated question in recent weeks on the merits of date of completion of the works for subsidized building interventions through the regulation of the facade bonus and other forms of incentive pursuant to art. 16-bis TUIR and Legislative Decree n. 34/2020. In response … Read more

The Central Bank of Argentina clarifies the fact that a currency with a picture of Messi is issued

The Argentine Central Bank denied the existence of any project through which it intends to issue a currency bearing the image of soccer legend Lionel Messi. Messi According to Agence France-Presse, Fernando Alonso, a spokesman for the Central Bank of Argentina, told the news service: There is no project for the Central Bank of Argentina … Read more