Master Confectioner: A spicy note from Claudia Liptai on a cake

A Master confectioner 2. season In his second broadcast, another 8 contestants were introduced, including Isti, who works as a waiter and presented a form-breaking cake to the jury. There is also an ambiguous element in the dessert, Lipta Claudia to my greatest delight. Claudia Liptai’s attention was drawn to the hot dog sausage, especially … Read more

Artem Grant did not expect such an act from Claudia Bezverkhova, who got a tattoo with his name

Many participants in the television project House 2 prove their gratitude and love to each other, making tattoos with the names or images of lovers. It turned out that Artem Grant did not expect such an act from Claudia Bezverkhova, who got a tattoo with his name.What in this case is surprised by the topic? … Read more

Claudia Liptai honestly shared her views on Meghan Markle

The host visited the UK with her husband, Adam Pataki, and took part in the II. Also at a series of ceremonies to mark the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Once there, he also told the domestic press about the British royal family. “Deep love flowed from everyone” The British recently commemorated … Read more

Bárbara Mori, the inevitable guest at the baptism of the children of Claudia Álvarez and Billy Rovzar

For claudia alvarez y Billy Rovzar It has been a weekend of celebrations. And it is that after a long wait due to the pandemic, the couple was finally able to baptize their little girl Kira two years old, and her little twins, clio y Billyjust five months old. An occasion in which they were … Read more

Grettell Valdez, spectacular at the baptism of the children of Claudia Álvarez

life goes on for Grettell Valdez after having divorce confirmedfor which she has not hesitated to surround herself with the affection of her friends, who have undoubtedly sheltered her after having made public his separation from Leo Clerc. Something that her fans were able to witness through her social networks, where the interpreter has shared … Read more

Claudia Liptai marched on the red carpet in a sexy mini dress: she went to the premiere of Jurassic World with her husband – Hungarian star

Lipta Claudia hid in a little black a Jurassic World: World Domination for its Hungarian premiere, not just any! The date of the screening in the United States is June 10, 2022, while in Hungary it will be shown in cinemas from June 9. Claudia Liptai in little black Jurassic World: World Domination is the … Read more

Massacre of via D’Amelio: Maria Claudia Loi, sentinel of memory for her sister Emanuela

The Aemilia trial has uncovered what many have not wanted to see: a different mafia from that of thirty years ago but which undeniably involves and also affects our territory. This is also why remembering is not a tired ritual, but a civic duty, a sign of respect for those who have paid with their … Read more

Claudia Bahamón is furious with a participant for bad attitude

‘Tatán’ Mejía managed to remove the black apron in a challenge in which the participants had to perform a free coffee-based preparation. The motorcyclist and Carlos Báez were the ones who stood out the most with their dishes, but finally the Manizaleño was the winner. Now, In a new challenge, celebrities had to cook with … Read more

How is the pact that Verónica Ojeda and Claudia Villafañe made to be able to live together: “She…” – Paparazzi Magazine

The Martín Fierros became a breeding ground for endless situations, of all kinds, with conflicts and especially due to the coronavirus outbreak that splashed until Mirtha Legrand. Beyond the glamour, the lavishness and the importance of the gala, which returned after two years, multiple controversies arose. Within the critical situations, what happened with the mentioned … Read more

Claudia Bahamón revealed WhatsApp chat with jurors and exposed them

Claudia Bahamón has shown her closeness to the participants of ‘Masterchef’, to the point that has supported those who have been ill during the cooking competition. This good relationship has also allowed him to share fun situations and even indiscreet behind the scenes with the jurys of the RCN Channel program. For this reason, the … Read more