NATO’s move: it will defend Sweden and Finland even before accession

BRUXELLES – An accelerated procedure. A process that goes beyond the long process of ratifications. And that gives an immediate guarantee of protection. Starting with article 5, that of mutual military assistance in case of danger. For Sweden and Finland, NATO is therefore studying a “rapid accession”. Because? Because the governments of Stockholm and Helsinki … Read more

The turning point of solidarity in Europe: “A thousand euros for each refugee and free means to move”

BRUSSELS – “It is clear that our resources and reception capacities will not be sufficient to cope with the growing influx of people. This is particularly true in the long term. However, the current situation is also dramatic and demonstrates the urgent need for rapid solutions to European level”. The request for help this time … Read more

Josep Borrell: “Ukraine has a European perspective, but EU membership is not on the agenda”.

BRUSSELS – “It’s not on the agenda”. After a day of confusion on the hypothesis of Ukraine’s entry into the European Union, the High Representative of the EU thinks about it, Josep Borrell, closing the hypothesis of accelerated membership. “Ukraine has a clear European perspective – she explained – but now we have to counter … Read more

13% of fleeing Ukrainians will arrive in Italy. Here is the EU plan for the crisis

BRUSSELS – Redistribution of refugees, recognition of the status of a country at risk for Ukraine, facilities for expatriation procedures and another allocation to deal with the emergency. Here is the plan that Europe is preparing to manage the foreseeable wave of Ukrainians fleeing the war. Today the EU interior ministers convened in Brussels will … Read more

Ukraine, US alarm: “Possible 5 million refugees”. Europe prepares the reception plan

BRUSSELS – A European plan to deal with the possible refugee emergency from Ukraine. Today at the Extraordinary European Council this will also be discussed. Because the conflict between Moscow and Kiev could cause a real migratory wave. Yesterday the American ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield spoke of 5 million refugees. “If Russia continues … Read more

The anti-abortion positions, the affairs of the Finnish husband, the 4 children: who is Roberta Metsola, the new president of the European parliament

The youngest president of the European Parliament, 43 years just today. Roberta Metsola (her maiden name was Roberta Tedesco Triccas) is a Maltese lawyer of the Partit Nazzjonalista, married to a Finn, Ukko Metsola. Both were candidates for the European Parliament in 2009 and both were not elected. After having worked at the Maltese Representation … Read more