“Cultural cleansing” and “anti-Ukrainian paranoia”: the analysis of José Milhazes and Nuno Rogeiro

SIC commentators Nuno Rogeiro and José Milhazes were in the Evening Edition of SIC Notícias analyzing the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, the latest movements of Russian troops in Ukraine, specifically in Donbass, and the existence of Cossacks. On the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, Nuno Rogeiro comments on Turkey’s claims … Read more

Hamas describes the plan to establish new settlements in the West Bank as ethnic cleansing

The Hamas movementin a written statement, described as “a dangerous escalation and a crime of ethnic cleansing” the approval given by Israel to the construction of new colonies in the occupied West Bank. “The new colonies in West Bank and the forced migration of our people will not legitimize the occupying forces, but rather will … Read more

“Pragmatic Nazis, they did ethnic cleansing” – Libero Quotidiano

Il Azov Battalion continues to debate and divide Western public opinion. And Toni Capuozzoguest of Nicola Porro a Fourth Republic on Rete 4, he has his say. The regiment protagonist of the “heroic resistance” in the bunkers under the steel mill Azovstal a Mariupolin fact, it is holding the Russian army in check which wants … Read more

RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Kuchta deserved a transfer. I don’t understand Karviná’s cleansing or plans

Slavia made the biggest winter sale when she released Kuchta to Russia. He went through Teplice, Bohemka, Liberec and did not have the best references. Football has not come first for him for a long time. He was only compared by coach Hoftych in Liberec and the next part of the work was done by … Read more

Herbuś was infected with COVID! Claims it is a “cleansing disease”!

Edyta Herbuś gained immense popularity thanks to her performances in a dance show “Dancing with the Stars”. Today, a celebrity can also fulfill herself on other levels: she runs her business and acts in series. She made her debut on the dance floor as a teacher. It was under her guidance of dancing skills that … Read more

Bowel cleansing diet to lose weight and feel light

Correct intestinal function is the basis of a good quality of life. How to get it? The bowel cleansing diet is essentially rich in foods containing water and fiber. In this way, many intestinal symptoms, bothersome and badly tolerated, can be alleviated.The diet to help the intestine will help you eliminate all the annoying problems … Read more