The final countdown! 3DS, Wii U’s Nintendo eShop will be closed soon, buy it fast | 4Gamers

Do you still have 3DS, Wii U? Nintendo will close the Nintendo eShop for 3DS and Wii U on March 28, including downloadable software, additional content, coupons, in-game items and other purchase functions. The detailed closing date is March 28, 2022 at 8:00 Taiwan time. All purchases must be completed before the deadline. Incidentally, although … Read more

Prince Clausplein partly closed this weekend for major maintenance: diversion and delays

During the weekends, one of the connecting arches on Prins Clausplein, which runs from the A4 Rotterdam to the A12 towards The Hague, is closed for major maintenance. Rijkswaterstaat will then work on the pavements, joint transitions, crash barriers and the underside of two viaducts.

Roll the windows closed, do not wear jewellery,…: When the USA warns tourists who go to Belgium

Artists are not the only ones to sometimes let loose on cities. A little tour on the United States Department of State website could make you jump. On March 8, the American Embassy in Brussels mentions that the Belgian police have increased their level of vigilance because of a possible terrorist attack in the metro. … Read more

The second closed beta of “Blade Protocol” in early April combined with three-player cooperative gameplay and Roguelite elements “Blackout Protocol”

American independent game studio Ocean Drive announced today that the Roguelite bird’s eye view cooperation shooting game “Breakout agreement(Temporary translation, original name: Blackout Protocol)” will start the second wave of closed beta testing from April 7th to 11th, Taiwan time, and the latest promotional video will be released simultaneously today. 《Breakout agreement》is a top-down perspective … Read more

The Catania-Syracuse motorway was closed for two days due to a fire brigade exercise

On Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 March, periodic training activities will be carried out for fire brigade personnel inside the tunnels along the Catania-Syracuse motorway. The section covered by the activities is the carriageway towards Catania, up to the Lentini junction, which will therefore be closed between 9 and 30 and 17 and 15. During … Read more

Yeprikyan disappeared, Barnabas was removed, and Madame Polina was left with special children: what happens to the artists of the closed Comedy Woman

Ruslana Alekseeva 1 day ago A shot from the Comedy Woman show The Comedy Woman project was closed in 2020 due to low ratings. The audience was disappointed in the project as a whole and could not accept the changes that had taken place in the team. The show was left in turn by the … Read more

The goddess suddenly posted late-night welfare photos! Zeng Guanting’s “Naked Spring Light, Closed Eyes and Soup” is a seductive picture that turns over the Internet | Entertainment | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Lin Mingrou / Comprehensive report ▲ Zeng Guanting shared many hot holiday photos. (Picture / Recap from Zeng Guanting IG) Please read on…. Taiwanese drama goddessZeng Guanting not only performed well in all aspects of the entertainment industry, but also made many friends in the circle. She likes to share her life through the … Read more

First Republic Bank collapsed by more than 32%, the Dow Jones closed more than 380 points, and the weekly fell 0.2% | Anue tycoon

Investors worry that the turmoil in the banking industry will plunge the global economy into recession, the panic index VIX soared, and U.S. bond yields fell.dollar indexWeakness, the selling pressure of US stocks reappeared on Friday (17th). Regional bank stocks were rumbling, and the SPDR S&P Regional Bank ETF (KRE) fell 5.99%. First Republic’s stock … Read more