“Apex Legends Mobile” will end service on May 2 | Winning awards from each store, but closing in about a year | Famitsu App for smartphone game information

Games related to this article game details Apex Legends Mobile Service ends without waiting for the first anniversary Electronic Arts’ smartphone title “Apex Legends Mobile”, also known as “Epemova”, has announced the end of service. This work is a title developed for smartphones based on the battle royale action shooter “Apex Legends”, which boasts high … Read more

Chinese retailer JD.com is closing down its platforms in Indonesia and Thailand

Orders will no longer be accepted on online platforms in both countries from February 15, and the platforms will shut down altogether in March, two websites said in a statement on Monday. JD.com said in a separate statement that it intends to expand its cross-border supply chain business in Southeast Asia and other global markets. … Read more

Analysts: Russia’s currency exchanges are closing, revealing Putin’s brutal plan

Analysts state that the Kremlin has begun collecting data on all Russian residents who exchange currency.“All over Russia – this is especially noticeable in Moscow – a sharp decline in currency exchange points has begun,” RESC partners write in an overview.Their sources say that representatives of the Central Bank, government and power structures have strongly … Read more

Beautiful closing scene! The 8th ‘Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2022’

Friday, January 27, 2023, 2:14 p.m. Great success!! For the 8th Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2022 (Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2022), movie lovers are very interested in attending. especially the contest The short film from Cambodia won the BEST ASEAN SHORT FILM award, Thailand received the JURY PRIZE, and Malaysia received the SPECIAL MENTION in … Read more

Temporarily.. closing all public parks in Sharjah

Lamia Al Harmoudi (Sharjah) Yesterday morning, the city of Sharjah witnessed moderate to heavy rains accompanied by winds of moderate intensity that flooded a number of streets and public squares. On the other hand, the Sharjah Municipality announced the temporary closure of all public parks, due to unstable weather conditions, provided that they reopen to … Read more

Wife responds to Instagram for the first time after Dani Alves arrest, victim’s testimonials are closing more and more | Foreign Football

Foreign footballFootballer Dani Alves (39), best known for his period at FC Barcelona, ​​is in tight shoes. The Spanish court has arrested the Brazilian in the case of the alleged assault of a woman in a nightclub in Barcelona. A few hours later, the Mexican UNAM Pumas terminated his contract with immediate effect. In the … Read more

Corporate separation of TIM, is it the right time? Objectives and conditions for closing

The new year opens with the announcement of a “table” with the Government to write a new episode of the story relating to corporate separation of TIMwhich should lead, on the one hand, to the creation of an operator wholesale only (no longer controlled by TIM) and, on the other hand, to various service companies … Read more

The worst McDonald’s in the world is closing. Over 800 police interventions a year – o2

The worst McDonald’s in the world will close. The fast food restaurant is located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. The restaurant became famous for numerous fights and rows of customers, to which the police were regularly called. During the year, the patrol came there over 800 times! McDonald’s on Rideau Street closes after 40 … Read more

Thunderbolt for the emblematic Samdam store in Dinant, after 30 years of existence: “We are closing at the end of April”

*** *** ******** ****** *** ******** ** ********* ************* *********** ** ********** ** ******* ************** ** **** ********** *** *** ******** *************** ************** ********** ************** ** ************ *************** ********* ***** ******* *********** ******* ** **** ** *********************** ****** ***** ***** ******* ** ****** *** ********** ** ******* ** **** ** ******* ***** ************ ** *********** … Read more

Al-Ahly puts the final frills on the foreign striker’s deal, after closing the “Molica” file

put club officials Al-Ahly Currently, the final frills are on the deal for the new foreign striker, who will be contracted within the next few days, as Al-Ahly coach Marcel Kohler, the Swiss coach, approved one of the foreigners who were nominated for the team in order to support the attack in the coming period. … Read more