Russian strikes with cluster weapons in Kramatorsk, civilians killed

Photo: archive, BGNES Two civilians were killed and 10 people were wounded in Russian strikes with cluster weapons in Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine, announced Pavlo Kirilenko, the regional governor of the Donetsk region, AFP reported. A park, a funeral goods store and a dozen residential buildings, as well as two cars, were hit in the … Read more

Russia shelled Kramatorsk with cluster munitions at night, at least two people died | iRADIO

At least two people lost their lives and eight others were injured during Russian shelling of the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk, announced the head of the Donetsk regional administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko. According to him, the Russians used cluster ammunition fired from rocket launchers during the shelling. They hit a park and a funeral home, … Read more

Cluster of galaxies discovered 9.2 billion light-years away

A Galaxy remote and lonely seems to have swept away and assimilated all its former galaxies companions, reveal the Chandra X-ray Observatory from NASA and the Gemini International Observatory. The Galaxy unexpectedly lonely is located about 9.2 billion light-years from Earth and contains a quasar, a hole supermassive black dragging gas in the center of … Read more

The James-Webb telescope has photographed a galaxy that appears three times at the edge of a huge cluster!

To fully appreciate the images sent back by the James-Webb Space Telescope, you sometimes have to have a sharp eye. And do not hesitate to recognize that it can happen that we see threefold… The galaxy cluster RX J2129 is made up of a few hundred galaxies. It is located about 3.2 billion light-years from … Read more

Amazing photos of an open star cluster with a nebula. Compare Hubble and Webb telescope images

The Hubble and Webb telescopes, two icons among space telescopes, differ in many ways. It is mainly the observed part of the spectrum – while Hubble works with visible light, Webb focuses on infrared radiation. Therefore, each of them adds a slightly different perspective to the overall mosaic, and scientists can thus better understand the … Read more

“Turkey sends Cold War cluster bombs to Kiev”. Kremlin: “We monitor closely”

For months there Turkey Of Erdogan proposes himself as a mediator between Mosca e Kiev for the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict. He has repeatedly called for – and obtained – the renewal of the wheat agreementon which the unblocking of raw material exports dependedUkraineasked Putin in recent days a “unilateral” and assured ceasefire a … Read more

Turkey secretly sends cluster munitions to Ukraine

According to the magazine, this is supposed to be ammunition from the Cold War era. This type of ammunition has been requested by the Ukrainian armed forces for a long time in vain, as most European countries have signed a ban on its use. Neither Ukraine nor Russia joined the ban, which also applies to … Read more

Hubble reveals an ancient globular “star cluster” in the Milky Way

A new image from the Hubble Space Telescope showed a “sea” of stars near the center of the Milky Way, which is an ancient globular star cluster. According to scientists, the stars in this image are about 12 billion years old – making them among the oldest stars in the universe. The stars in Pismis … Read more

“Hubble” captured the “explosion of cosmic fireworks” – a globular star cluster in the Milky Way

The Hubble Space Telescope (Hubble) captured the “explosion of cosmic fireworks” – the globular star cluster NGC 6355, which is located in the inner regions of our Milky Way galaxy at a distance of less than 50 thousand light years from Earth, and can be seen in the constellation Ophiuchus. Image source: Globular star … Read more

Cluster headache, what it is and why it can be more serious for women –

Of Christine Brown Cluster headaches manifest as a sharp pain around one eye. It’s more common in men, but a new study suggests the disorder is more disabling for women The cluster headache it would be more common among men, but new research coordinated by the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and published in Neurologysuggests that … Read more