Hubble discovers group of young blue stars | gas clouds | tidal forces | stellar clusters

[Epoch Times, June 29, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Di Rui compiled and reported) Researchers have discovered five strange blue colors in Hubble telescope datastar group. They do not exist in the same way as any known group of stars evolves. these fivestar grouplie inVirgo(Virgo), each group is about the size of a dwarf galaxy. One of … Read more

The discovery of faint protogalactic clusters in the ultraviolet range

Researchers usually track the primary galaxy clusters, which will eventually grow into the megaclusters we see in the local universe, by locating extra densities of galaxies. It is true that large-scale spectroscopy-based surveys of distant galaxies are currently being conducted, but the sensitivity of these processes depends mainly on the star-forming activity in galaxies and … Read more

Research: Rare medium-sized black hole may be hidden in nuclear star clusters | Chandra X-ray Observatory | Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, April 29, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Di Rui compiled and reported) Astronomers have determined that the mass between 100 times and 100,000 times the mass of the sunblack holecalledmedium black hole. Such black holes are rare.A new study suggests they may be in some galaxiesnuclear cluster(nuclear star cluster). Over the past few … Read more

ICANN Managed Root Server Clusters to Strengthen Africa’s Internet Infrastructure

Internet users in Africa will soon benefit from faster access and better protection against cyberattacks, thanks to the installation of two root server clusters. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the global nonprofit organization that coordinates the domain name system and plays a key role in ensuring a global, interoperable, and … Read more

The Remnants of the Collision of 2 Galaxy Clusters Can Be Observed in the Southern Sky

A set of first generation Starlink satellites launched. According to NASA, the proposed second-generation Starlink system with 30,000 satellites could increase the risk of collisions and disrupt science missions. Image: SpaceX SPACE – SpaceX’s plans to launch 30,000 second-generation (Gen 2) Starlink satellites have the American Space Agency (NASA) and the National Science Foundation very … Read more

The Remnants of the Collision of 2 Galactic Clusters Can Be Observed in the Southern Sky

The collision of 2 galaxy clusters produces a shock wave that is observed by radio waves. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — One billion years ago, there was a truly terrifying collision of two galaxy clusters. The collision of these two galaxy clusters produced a pair of shockwaves of truly epic proportions. Currently, the structure shines brightly in … Read more

BRI’s Commitment to Support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Clusters Presents Fresh Market, Launches Localoka

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI continue to show commitment in supporting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM). This is evidenced by the empowerment of the fostered business groups BRI one of them. To help market the products of the construction business, BRI launch Localoka, a showcase featuring business cluster … Read more

School Clusters Emerge, DIY Local Government Reconsiders Online

Yogyakarta – Clusters or cases of the Corona virus in schools in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) are increasing. The Regional Secretary (Sekda) of DIY Kadarmanta Baskara Aji considered this to be homework (PR) for parents of students. Aji said his party had asked the DIY Youth and Sports Education Office (Disdikpora) and the … Read more

Revealed, Mystery of the Form of Strange Star Clusters at the Center of the Andromeda Galaxy – Astrological sign is in the middle Andromeda Galaxy has long been of interest to scientists. But in the end the mystery of its strange shape constellations that is at the heart of this galaxy is beginning to unfold. When two galaxies collide, then black hole supermassive in its core will release a very … Read more