Eight-year-old will be institutionalized for refusing to live with his father on weekends – Sociedade

Santiago has lived with his mother since he was born, in an apparently normal environment. The house where he lives has all the conditions and the child seems to live happily and fully integrated into the family. However, the relationship with the father is almost non-existent. The meetings they had were never easy and practically … Read more

“Things got out of hand”: Woman from ‘Ears’ tells all about the night of Igor’s death – Portugal

Marisa, wife of Marco ‘Orelhas’, the number two of the Super Dragons, was interviewed exclusively by CMTV. Marisa revealed to CM/CMTV that after the clashes on the night of the Porto party, Renato went to his mother. “When I got home, my son appeared, he clung to me crying and said: Oh mother, it’s over.

Residents of Setúbal and Palmela live tormented by noise from companies installed near houses – Society

The population of Pinhal Novo and Alto da Guerra, in Setúbal, is being tortured: the residents of both locations are tormented by the extreme noise of companies that have installed themselves a few meters from their homes. Heavy and noisy machinery running 24 hours a day has destroyed the peace of dozens of families. .

Intercampus Study: See the result of the audit of the surveys of local authorities – Tv Media

This Thursday, Intercampus revealed the conclusions of an audit of the pre-election polls of the last local elections, and whose results generated a feeling of distrust and were the target of criticism by several politicians. An analysis to which APODEMO – Portuguese Association of Market and Opinion Research Companies joined. “The pre-election polls were criticized … Read more

Carlos Moedas to CMTV: “I feel like the mayor of Lisbon” – Politics

António Costa believes that PS will be the most voted party in local authorities PS secretary general António Costa stated that his party could be the first in the history of Portuguese democracy to win three consecutive municipal elections, being the political force that wins more chambers and more parishes. António Costa was speaking at … Read more