The CNB warns against investing in virtual tokens

Tokens are digital assets that use created blockchain networks. These can be codes, access keys, or digital artwork. It is typical for tokens to serve as currency in a particular application to which it belongs. “For example, if the person behind the specific business model is unable to meet its obligations or ceases to operate, … Read more

Detoxification of the Czech economy or three reasons why we should thank the CNB

The Central Bank (CNB) has twice decided to take action for 20 years. It raised rates by more than a quarter of a percentage point in a single meeting. And to make matters worse, she added that the tightening of monetary policy is not over. After seven years (the last time this happened at the … Read more

Apartment prices are overvalued, the CNB has tightened the rules for mortgages

“According to our calculations, the impact will not be significant in terms of making access to credit inaccessible and dramatically reducing the mortgage market. We do not think that it is an obstacle to the provision of normally provided loans. It will undoubtedly be an obstacle for a small part of mortgage loans, namely those … Read more

Rebel from the CNB: I don’t want to scare me, but there is a risk of a recession due to rate hikes

A clash of two different views is taking place at the Czech National Bank. The majority, ie five members of the council, including Governor Jiří Rusnok, are convinced that high inflation needs to be reduced by a sharp increase in interest rates so that mainly high domestic demand can cool down. Oldřich Dědek and Aleš … Read more

CNB 2021: time and channels to see the coronation of Miss Colombia | THE UNIVERSAL

The final events on the agenda of the 2021 National Beauty Contest are approaching and this edition of the reign is already in its final stretch. The two top events of the national contest, the Swimsuit Parade and the coronation, will be held in Cartagena this Saturday and Sunday, respectively, and those who cannot attend … Read more

Beware of calls from three numbers. Fraudsters impersonate the CNB

In recent days, the Czech National Bank has recorded other fraudulent practices that misuse its name. People should pay particular attention to phone calls from 244001, 2441022 and 244100111. “On behalf of the CNB, it tries to lure the client’s login details to his electronic banking and payment card details (card number, owner’s name, validity … Read more

The CNB governor explains the rise in interest rates. He wants to protect people’s savings

The Governor of the Czech National Bank (CNB), Jiří Rusnok, objected to the words of the Prime Minister in his resignation, Andrej Babiš, who sharply criticized the sharp rise in interest rates. According to Rusnok, this step will help many people. Above all, it will mitigate the impact of inflation on their savings. The CNB … Read more