Luxury and millionaire travel. How the PJ caught the Portuguese influencer for fraud and money laundering

Yesterday at 18:54 Ana Lúcia Matos mirrored a life of luxury on social media. In the instagram of the former presenter, there are videos of trips that have high costs, with an interval of a few weeks. As soon as she was arrested, Internet users wasted no time in trying her in the public square.

“A great victory” has been achieved in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. But there is also great concern about this victory

At stake is a drug that managed to delay cognitive decline in the early stages of the disease Many consider the disease of Alzheimer the next pandemic, and so far, no drug has seemed to slow the disease. But an experimental drug managed to delay cognitive decline at an early stage of the disease, advances … Read more

DGS changes covid-19 rules: tests are no longer recommended to those who do not have symptoms and hospitalized people can now receive visits

Changes are part of a rule on cases of suspected or confirmed covid-19, which stresses that the high vaccination coverage and favorable epidemiological evolution allow the progression to a new response model Tests for infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus are no longer recommended for people without symptoms of infection and patients hospitalized with covid-19 are … Read more

Are you 18 years old and have internet access? Find out where you can buy a house at a “very favorable price”

Platform can be an alternative for Portuguese families. However, getting credit can be a little more complicated. Gone are the days when property and real estate auctions were restricted to a small part of society. Today, the e-auctions site allows any citizen to acquire a good or immobile that has been enforced by the Portuguese … Read more

After the “rain of missiles”, Agostinho Costa explains Russia’s “main objective”

Yesterday at 09:53 Major General Agostinho Costa, an expert in security matters, analyzes the Russian “rain of missiles” in Ukraine and its impact on the lives of Ukrainians. “One of the objectives is the impact on the morale of the population. But it is not the main thing, ”he said. For the expert, “the main … Read more

Alice was one year old when she was abandoned on a bench to escape death. She survived the Holocaust and was reunited with her family 79 years later

When Alice Grusová was a baby, her parents left her on a bench at the train station, not knowing what her fate would be. It was June 1942 and this was Marta and Alexandr Knapp’s last desperate measure to save their daughter, as their attempt to escape what was then Czechoslovakia had ended in disaster. … Read more

Mother-in-law, husband, son-in-law, son, daughter-in-law and stepson. Family profited several thousand euros with Cascais City Council

Contracts between Cascais City Council and a company founded by the husband of Carlos Carreiras’ former assistant are involved in controversy. At stake are deals worth around 600,000 euros, most by direct agreement, which on some occasions were signed by the mayor himself The Cascais City Council signed more than a dozen public contracts, most … Read more

“Lula was at least naive” when he picked up that Gulfstream Aerospace GVII-G600: there is a double controversy

President-elect of Brazil traveled by private jet to an environmental event. It’s not the only problem – the owner of the aircraft is controversial The president-elect of Brazil, Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, has faced the first controversy since he managed to defeat Jair Bolsonaro in late October. To ensure Brazilian participation in the COP … Read more

She was operated on urgently and failed two disciplines. Lusíada University says peritonitis is not considered urgent

13 nov, 21:50 A student at Universidade Lusíada in Porto left two subjects unfinished because she had to undergo an emergency operation during exams. As the university did not allow the student to do them at another time, the mother is considering moving forward with a criminal complaint to the Public Ministry. Confronted by TVI, … Read more

Lean, lactose-free, oat, soy, almond, coconut or rice. What is the best milk for you?

It is common for someone to stop drinking milk because they believe it is harmful and that it should not be ingested in adulthood or because they associate milk consumption with gastrointestinal symptoms. In addition, the diversity of the drink is such that it is difficult to know the most suitable for each one. This … Read more