Five reasons to keep your software and devices updated – Barquisimeto News

Digital activity has become an indispensable part of personal and work life. Smartphones, computers, and other smart devices allow access to social networks, bank accounts, streaming platforms, instant messaging apps, or even health monitoring. Depending on the circumstances, they can also be an essential tool for the job. But all of these apps are based … Read more

Exclusive in Jornal Nacional. They were referenced as “dangerous and violent” and ended up detained in a PSP operation

Journalist for the Society editorial office. Monitors the areas of Justice and Internal Administration. Yesterday at 3:36 pm Three men were arrested this Tuesday morning by the PSP in Peniche. They are suspected of violent robberies and assaults, including a pregnant woman in a cafe. TVI, from the same group as CNN Portugal, followed this … Read more

Most men with prostate cancer can avoid or delay aggressive treatments, study suggests

Over the years, studies and models have shown that using regular PSA tests to screen for prostate cancer can do more harm than good. Most men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer can delay or avoid aggressive treatments without harming their chances of survival, show new results from a long-term UK study. Men in the … Read more

These are the signs of an eating disorder – the ones you know and the ones you don’t

There are many misconceptions about eating disorders, which can affect people from all backgrounds, experts say. For an illness that affects so many people, there are many misconceptions about eating disorders, experts warn. According to a ANADan American non-profit association that provides support services to people with eating disorders, these types of disorders affect almost … Read more

Foods. Who is gaining from rising prices?

Neither food distributors nor energy companies increased profit margins. The biggest impact on rising food prices is caused by the high tax burden. Since October, the inflation rate in Portugal has been correcting. Since then, it has gone from an annual rate of 10.29% (the highest value since May 1992) to 8.25% in February. However, … Read more

The first female officer in the Lebanese army to fly a warplane told CNN: The challenge begins now

Jana Sader, the first female combat pilot officer in the Lebanese Army to fly a warplane. The 24-year-old was born and raised in the southern town of Ain Ebel in Lebanon, and she came to the capital, Beirut, when she reached the age of 18, with the aim of completing her university education, but before … Read more

CNN: Getting ready for fighter jets? The US Air Force is checking Ukrainian pilots

The US Air Force is testing the skills of Ukrainian pilots at a base in Arizona so they can train to fly F-16 fighters, CNN reports. According to CNN, two Ukrainian pilots are now at a military base in the United States, where their skills are tested in flight simulators to estimate how long it … Read more

Does your child have chickenpox? Can we get chickenpox twice? These and other answers to clear your doubts

It is one of the most contagious viruses in childhood, but no one is exempt from being targeted. Adults should avoid contagion and pregnant women, whenever possible, should isolate themselves. Everything you need to know about chickenpox 1. What is chickenpox? Chickenpox is a highly contagious but limited infectious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus, … Read more

Interview. “Measures taken by European countries cost lives every day in the Mediterranean and those who took them know this very well”

This week, a shipwreck in the Mediterranean claimed more than 60 lives. Miguel Duarte, the Portuguese activist who regularly participates in rescue missions, does not spare European policies: “Europe knows that it needs these people. It simply prefers them without rights” “The measures taken by European countries” to protect their borders “cost lives every day … Read more