Cold turkey from Russian gas: Putin’s energy hammer hits Germany hardest

Cold turkey from Russian gas Putin’s energy hammer hits Germany hardest By Hannes Vogel 01/31/2023, 6:40 p.m Russia’s master plan for the energy war with Europe is not working: instead of economic Armageddon, there is only a small winter recession. But there is only limited reason to breathe a sigh of relief: Germany will remain … Read more

A historic cold night: the record set in Lithuania 67 years ago has not been broken by the speed of the ice to this day

“All over the country in 1956 both January 31 and February 1. at night, the minimum air temperature dropped below -30 °C. Even on January 31, the weather (as strange as it sounds) only warmed up to 24-30 degrees of frost. After such a very cold day, a record cold night came. In Utena, the … Read more it will be drier and nicer, but soon it will turn cold again

A strong north-west, west wind will blow, in the afternoon the wind will start to turn from the south-west. The temperature will rise to 1-5 degrees during the day. On Wednesday night, a new cyclone will approach from the west, its atmospheric front will pass through our country. The sky will be covered with dense … Read more

Internist doctors, with arrival of the cold beware of the heart – Medicine

Every year at least 7% of all deaths can be attributed to the cold and with temperatures plummeting, say the experts of the Italian Society of Internal Medicine (Simi), it is essential to know how to defend ourselves from the pitfalls of the great cold that these days it’s hitting Italy. So here is Simi’s … Read more

Three sloths die of cold on plane at Liège airport | Animals

30 jan 2023 om 13:05Update: 2 dagen geleden Three sloths died of the cold at the airport of Liège in Belgium in January. This happened during a stopover on a plane en route from Peru to Indonesia. Nine sloths arrived at the Belgian airport on Saturday morning, January 21. In Liège, the animals ended up … Read more

Men with the flu or a cold are painful but it’s completely normal: here’s why they complain more than women

Because, with equal symptoms, the representatives of the male sex suffer more than those of the female sex. Experiments carried out in 2018 on mice show that males are more prone to bouts of fever and take longer to recover from a cold or flu. Martijn Peters, “Science and Weather” coordinator at DPG Media confirmed … Read more

Lee Jeong-eun was locked in a cold storage for 30 years. Go Soo X Heo Joon-ho X Ahn So-hee Shocking Missing They Were There 2

Lee Jeong-eun has been locked in a cold storage for 30 years. In the tvN Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Missing: They Were There 2’, which aired on the night of the 30th, Wook (Go Soo), Pan-seok (Heo Jun-ho), and Jong-ah (Ahn So-hee) learned the truth about the death of Eun-sil (Lee Jeong-eun). Jong-ah, who was investigating Eun-sil’s … Read more

NATO membership: Finland ensures to remain cold to Erdogan’s overtures

HELSINKI: Despite overtures from Turkey, Finland assured Monday that it would not wish to join NATO without its neighbor Sweden, with whom it still hopes to join before the next summit of the alliance in July. The strong diplomatic tensions between Stockholm and Ankara in recent weeks, caused by several incidents including a burned Koran … Read more

Hypothermia, how to protect yourself from the cold in a closed environment without heating –

Of Christine Brown For children and heart patients it is not always enough to cover up. The first symptoms of hypothermia are pallor, chills, increased respiratory rate. The mechanisms that the body puts in place to defend itself After the case of University student hospitalized with hypothermia after having attended university lessons in Palermo in … Read more