BlackBerry announces its big comeback for 2021 with a new 5G smartphone

Un smartphone BlackBerry. – AFP BlackBerry is back. The Canadian brand has just announced the release of a smartphone 5G for the year 2021. True to its reputation, the company is already promising “highly secure” devices with, as always, a physical keyboard, report Lemon Press. BlackBerry has called on Onward Mobility, a company specializing in … Read more

Blackberry comeback in 2021 will have a 5G QWERTY cellphone: ok techno

JAKARTA – Blackberry has indeed lost quite a reputation in recent years. Especially after touch screen phones get attention among the public. Even so, Blackberry will be back in the community starting in 2021 in the American and European markets. Quoting Endgadget, a security startup company from the United States, OnwardMobility has announced their collaboration … Read more

Prince of Persia on the way to a remake comeback?

The way of the remake rather than that of the new episode. The world of video games being a matter of cycles, it is difficult to contradict the fact that today, Ubisoft is not at its peak. After a comeback a few years ago, the company established in the land of caribou is experiencing a … Read more

Arjen Robben has to postpone his comeback in Groningen

The former Bayern star Arjen Robben cannot celebrate his comeback for FC Groningen in the test against PEC Zwolle on Friday evening as hoped. His trainer announced that he had pushed his limits. The long-time Bayern star Arjen Robben must be a comeback planned for Friday in the jersey of Fc Groningen move. “Last week … Read more

‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ makes a comeback as a drama series

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the hit 90s sitcom that launched Hollywood star Will Smith’s career, is making a comeback The new version is based on a viral YouTube trailer that tried to imagine what it would be like if the sitcom were a drama last year. The reboot will be produced by Will Smith … Read more

Boxing legend Tyson postpones comeback in the ring until the end of November | NOW

Mike Tyson’s comeback in the boxing ring takes place a few months later than originally planned. The former heavyweight world champion has postponed his fight against Roy Jones Jr. to the end of November. Initially, 54-year-old Tyson and Jones, Jr., three years younger, would meet on September 12 in Los Angeles. The American has had … Read more

Microsoft Flight Simulator celebrates a spectacular comeback

A look at Las Vegas, on the other hand, suggests that an apocalypse has taken place there, because half the city and the streets are overgrown by gigantic trees and nature, as Techcrunch reports. Other bugs include traffic lights on runways that curve through airports at airports, but also bridges that seem underwater. However, if … Read more