Is an increase coming in Chile?: Netflix raises its prices in North America

Netflix, the streaming platform with the most users in the world, announced the increase in the price of its subscriptions in the United States and Canada. This increase is the largest since October 2020: users who previously paid $14 per month for two simultaneous screens now they will have to spend $15.49 dollars. The premium … Read more

Princess Delphine after being eliminated in ‘Dancing with the stars’: “Had felt it coming”

Viewers at home decided on Saturday that Princess Delphine was the loser in Dancing with the stars. So next week she will no longer dance with her partner Sander in the Play 4 program. “But I had sensed it coming,” she tells our journalist afterwards. “The other candidates dance like professionals, I feel like a … Read more

An Avatar MMO shooter is coming to iOS and Android

The James Cameron film series Avatar is getting an MMORPG on mobile devices. The game will be called Avatar: Reckoning and will be a new multiplayer online role-playing shooter. The game is slated to be released this year for iOS and Android. Players can create their own character and travel to never-before-seen areas of Pandora. … Read more

Atilla Yeşilada and Selçuk Geçer hit the scalpel: A dollar storm is coming

Economists Remzi Özdemir, Selçuk Geçer and Atilla Yeşilada announced their dollar forecasts for 2022. While Remzi Özdemir said 18, Selçuk Geçer pointed to 16 liras. Atilla Yeşilada said times 1.25 and left the calculation to the citizens. While the dollar rose again on the last day of the year, the figures of economists’ forecast for … Read more

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland director comes with a clear message: “There will certainly be more actions in the coming days”

The protests in the catering industry were a success yesterday and therefore even more actions can be expected in the coming days. With that news comes Koninklijke Horeca Nederland director Dirk Beljaarts. Yesterday’s actions showed that a reopening of the catering industry is indeed possible. Yesterday’s actions have shown that the cabinet must come up … Read more

Coronavirus, Hope: “In the coming hours, a technical table with the Regions on requests”. Sileri: “Modify data communication”

The pandemic is changing and for this reason also “the data communication must be updated “. Now the Undersecretary for Health also supports it, Pierpaolo Sileri, which, speaking to Rai Radio1, he also adds that “the new phase of the epidemic must soon bring us a review the rules especially for the hospital management“. And … Read more

A new feature in “WhatsApp” on “Android” .. Coming soon | technology | Saraya News Agency

Saraya – The WhatsApp instant communication application is developing a special feature that allows the ability to listen to voice messages while leaving the conversation. According to the “WABetaInfo” website, which specializes in “WhatsApp” news, when you start listening to an audio message, and return to your chat list, “WhatsApp” appears a new user interface … Read more

‘Persona 6 coming exclusively to PlayStation 5’ | News

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Action RPG Rune Factory 5 is coming in late March 2022

<meta itemprop="headline" content="Action-RPG Rune Factory 5 coming at the end of March 2022″/> Harvest, Explore Dungeons, Marry: In Rune Factory 5 you can do a lot. A trailer gives you an overview! Over Rune Factory 5 Ahead of the March 22nd release date, XSEED and Marvelous today released a story trailer highlighting what exactly you … Read more