Door frame out of order! Jílek had to take the match of the Czechs for him, he commented with Zamazal on three matches a day

Source: Jan Chalupa, Ruik COMMENT – The Czech national team will welcome a big, if you would like to say giant, reinforcement. David Pastrňák, the best Czech hockey player today, will come from the NHL. Pleasant worries arise to coach Kari Jalonen, where to with him? David Pastrňák arrives at the world championships to help … Read more

Shanghai media commented on Zhang Kangyang: A businessman is a businessman and it is really far to talk about his feelings in front of football – yqqlm

Original title: Shanghai media commented on Zhang Kangyang: A businessman is a businessman. It is really far to talk about feelings in front of football A few days ago, Inter Milan club chairman Zhang Kangyang posted on social media to celebrate Inter Milan winning the Coppa Italia: finally won the trophy again, but this is … Read more

Edgard Zapashny commented on Chulpan Khamatova’s move to Latvia

The circus artist commented on the news about the reduction in the cost of the online course of the actress, who moved to permanent residence in Latvia. Photo source: Yandex pictures The StarHit edition quoted the words of Edgard Zapashny, who is sure of the lack of funds needed by the famous actress for a … Read more

The commission of judges commented on the disputed penalty kicks in the match Slavia Praha vs. Pilsen

Source: FC Viktoria Plzeň Slovácko was to host the final match of the MOL Cup, where it was to face the Prague Sparta. Many fans of the Letna team arrived in Uherské Hradiště, but in vain. The match was postponed due to bad weather. Sparta’s supporters, of course, have a hard time. It was supposed … Read more

Housing Will Burn, Prices Will Shock Vital Advice to Those Who Will Buy a House from Atilla Yeşilada, who commented on it!

Buying a house has become an important investment tool in Turkey recently. People can find the opportunity to protect their assets against inflation by purchasing housing. However, the famous economist Atilla Yeşilada made an assessment and shook the agenda with his groundbreaking claims about the housing market. Saying that those who buy houses will lose, … Read more

Vladislav Galkin’s father commented on the “resurrection” of his son in “Saboteur”

12 years after the death of the actor, the continuation of the series with its digital copy is released. The adoptive father of actor Vladislav Galkin, Honored Artist of Russia Boris Galkin, reacted to the news that his son, who died 12 years ago, was going to be “resurrected” in the new part of the … Read more

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk’s eternal rival, has already commented on the purchase of Twitter

The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk created discomfort in many areas and set off alarm bells. Many consider that this action by the Tesla strongman has unclear intentions and that he wants to control what is published on the social network. Of course, many have already come forward to present their doubts and questions, … Read more

The presenter of Russian public television has quit his job. He boldly commented on Putin’s actions

The well-known Russian presenter Alexander Gurevich opposed the actions of the Kremlin and resigned from running an entertainment program on the state channel Rossiya 1. Gurewicz was to quit not only from running the show, but also from working at the station. All episodes of his show have been removed from the YouTube platform, and … Read more

I am disappointed and sick because I have never commented on a colleague

© Facebook Gloria has always been a real lady who demonstrates class. This is how she responded to her colleague Kali and Toto, after they did not speak kindly of her and her work in the rapper’s podcast. In the interview, Toto said that Gloria is not among the folk singers who have gone down … Read more

Shigou commented on the war in Ukraine for the first time in three weeks

“We are gradually implementing our plan to liberate the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics,” Shawig said in a televised meeting with the commanders of the Russian army. “We are taking steps to restore a peaceful life.” It is unclear whether this meeting was broadcast live. Shoigu said this after Kyjiv accused Russia of launching a … Read more