The signs of the hour will inevitably appear.. A girl married her husband’s brother after his death.. On the wedding night, the groom told her a secret that made her crazy and made her commit suicide immediately.. She wouldn’t believe what he said to her.!!

Today’s incident takes place in a modest apartment, where a young man proposed to a beautiful girl known for her good manners and beauty. The young man was known for his morals, good conduct and good reputation. The young man got to know the girl through a family event and admired her and proposed to … Read more

Analysis: This is what real inflation looks like. From the situation in Turkey, the Czechs would commit suicide

According to the Turks, 70 percent inflation is only paper inflation. In fact, according to locals, price increases are much faster, especially in terms of fuel prices and rents. They have fired three or four times in the last year alone. For comparison: in the Czech Republic, petrol and diesel rose “only” by less than … Read more

Mexico robbers commit ‘theft of the century’ | Abroad

The robbers were not noticed on the remote site and took eight to ten hours to empty containers using cranes, among other things. Mexican media speak of “the theft of the century”. Gold, silver and zinc The authorities are not releasing much about the investigation. The robbery has only now been announced and was on … Read more

OPEC + will commit to a modest increase in production in July

Six sources in OPEC + told Reuters that the cartel is expected to comply With the oil production agreement approved last year During its meeting on the second of June with the increase in production targets in July by 432,000 barrels per day, which represents a rejection of Western calls for faster increases in production … Read more

In the Vivaldi, the “naivety” of the greens annoys: “If we want to continue to be part of NATO, we must stop being the only ones not to commit”

Environmentalists are dampening the drive to increase military spending. The federal partners are irritated. In the negotiations which slow down the government, one often evokes the left-right divide and the impossible agreement between blues and reds. But another dividing line is expressed in the Council of Ministers and through the media. Between the green branch … Read more

Iranians who wanted to commit a bomb attack in Paris sentenced on appeal

There are three Iranian Belgians in Antwerp convicted on appeal of attempted terrorist murder and participation in terrorist activities. They were on trial because they wanted to bomb a congress of the Iranian opposition in Paris, in 2018. It concerns a couple from Wilrijk near Antwerp, Belgium, Amir S. and Nasimeh N. They were arrested … Read more

Jack Ma is allegedly arrested by the police, what crime did he commit?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Having disappeared from the radar and even rumored to be caught and disappeared, Jack Ma is again bringing all the attention to himself. Most recently, the founder of the e-commerce giant Alibaba was allegedly arrested by the police. What is the chronology? Initially, Chinese state media reported that on April 25, … Read more

They asked the artist Shadia about the reason for her divorce on the wedding night and her attempt to commit suicide in the bedroom.. But her answer was unexpected!!

2022/04/26 It’s 11:40 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Shadia’s baffling marriage story tells that her father had many interferences in her work and in her personal life, which the late had told her previously. Perhaps one of the most important situations that was characterized by quarrels with her father, was before fame, and it … Read more

‘Cancer patient tries to commit suicide by listening to Srinivasan’: Doctor’s note

Kozhikode: Following the news that actor Srinivasan, who was undergoing treatment for a heart condition, has left the hospital, Dr. Manoj Vellanad recalls his campaign about modern medicine. The doctor also reveals that there was a government official who listened to Srinivasan’s speech and refused treatment for cancer. ‘Once an ordinary government official was diagnosed … Read more

This is allegedly the motive of the mother in Garut, the poison dies, 2 of her children then commit suicide

Garut – The following information is not intended to inspire anyone to take similar action. If you feel symptoms of depression with a tendency to think about suicide, immediately consult your concerns with parties who can help, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, or mental health clinics. The police revealed that there was an element of disappointment … Read more